ECA Group designs and manufactures asynchronous motors 1 to 300 Kw for surface applications. These electric motors are customised according to the customer’s specifications. These motors can have special electrical or mechanical characteristics, withstand harsh environments or have optimized acoustic characteristics. They can be air cooled or water cooled, with ball bearings or hydrodynamic bearings, with aluminum or copper squirrel cage….
The asynchronous motors offer cumulative advantages including high reliability, low vibration and high efficiency.

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Usine Nouvelle: Eurosatory 2018 | ECA Group's IGUANA, all-terrain unmanned... DEFENCE & SECURITY

At Eurosatrory 2018, ECA Group showcases its IGUANA E  UGV, an all-terrain unmanned ground vehicle to Inspect,...

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EDR Magazine: EUROSATORY 2018 | ECA Group presents its family of ground robots DEFENCE & SECURITY

ECA Groups showcases its IGUANA E UGV and its Land robotics solution at Eurosatory 2018.

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European Navies demonstrate ECA Group naval systems capabilities for mine... DEFENCE & SECURITY

Since 50 years, ECA Group has been providing various Navies worldwide with efficient naval drone systems to conduct...

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