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In its 300m version, the 5-function arm 5E Mini is known as one of the first eco-friendly arm for ROV's since it combines a very lightweight shape with a complete no-oil system, thus avoiding any risk of pollution for the environment. 

For operations up to 6000m depth, an oil-filled alternative version is available.

The arm 5E Mini is mostly used  to lead meticulous and articulated manipulations. It can operate in locations that are confined and out of reach.

The continuous rotation of the jaws makes it a significant asset for inspection missions. 

This arm can be installed on any type of ROV and can be fitted with many kinds of grabbers : standard, bucket, with parallel jaws. 

Two  arms can be embedded on a single skid and can work simultaneously, each arm having a strong lifting capability.



  • The world’s first eco­friendly solution for ROV operators
  • Zero oil system (oil filled system available in option)
  • Depth rating 6000 m
  • Lifting capacity 25 kg
  • Powered by brushless 24­36 VDC electric motors
  • Skid mounted (optional)


  • Low-power consumption
  • Lightweight
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Wide range of grabbers
  • Compatible with any inspection-class ROV
  • High lifting capacity

Typical missions

  • Underwater intervention
  • Underwater manipulation
  • Object retrieval
  • Nuclear environment operations
  • EOD
  • Sample recovery


  • Offshore operators
  • Research institutes
  • Universities
  • Nuclear operators
  • Private service providers operating on immerged structures
  • Defence operators


  • Recovery of objects laying on sea bottom
  • Action on activators on well heads
  • Stabilization of the ROV by clamping it to the target
  • Carrying a sensor (e.g. CP probe or NDT) or a tool (e.g. brushing system) to complete the ROV inspection task
  • Assistance to divers (e.g. carry a rack of tools or bring back to the surface an object found by the diver)
  • Soft rope cutting

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