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Designed by Exail, the 5E arm is a lightweight electrical arm used for underwater inspection and maintenance tasks. It offers a modular design and a low-power consumption, and therefore represents an optimum compromises between performance and weight.

Depth rated to 6000m, the oil filled 5E arm is used to conduct precise and articulated manipulation works. It can operate in confined and out of reach areas.

Brushless DC motors, ease of maintenance, wide range of jaws to be fitted on, large reach and high lifting capacity are among the most appreciable features of the 5E arm

This arm can be installed on any type of ROVs, and can be fitted with many kinds of grabbers : standard, bucket, with parallel jaws.




  • Optimum compromise performance weight among eletric manipulators
  • Modular construction for maintenance and repair on deck
  • Depth rating: up to 6000 m
  • Lightweight
  • Lifting capacity: 25 kg
  • Oil filled


  • Low-power consumption
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Wide range of grabbers
  • Compatible with any ROV
  • High lifting capacity


  • Offshore operators
  • Research institutes
  • Nuclear operators
  • Private service providers operating on immerged structures
  • Defence operators

Typical missions

  • Underwater intervention
  • Underwater manipulation
  • Object retrieval
  • Nuclear environment operations
  • Sampling


  • Recovery of heavy objects laying on sea bottom
  • Action on activators on well heads                                                                                 
  • Stabilization of the ROV by clamping it to the target
  • Carrying a sensor (e.g. CP probe or NDT) or a tool (e.g. brushing system) to complete the ROV inspection task 
  • Assistance to divers (e.g. carry a rack of tools or bring back to the surface an object found by the diver)
  • Soft rope cutting


  • Recovery of foreign objects inside nuclear pools and during decommissioning operations
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