ALISTAR 3000 is the right solution for the challenging deepwater survey and inspection operations.

This long endurance and highly efficient power solution Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, AUV, is a modular system capable of carrying out multiple accurate sensors.

These provide operators greater flexibility and overall faster operations.

Easy to deploy and operate from various ships make these AUV's ideal choices.


  • Search for the pipeline
  • Automatically detect and ‘lock’ onto the pipe
  • Follow the pipe 1 to 2 meters above it
  • Detect debris or anomalies (to be defined with the customer)
  • Perform close visual inspection following a predefined pattern
  • Record video and sonar images of the pipe
  • Post process the data


  • Offshore operators
  • Pipe and pipeline operators
  • Energy and telecommunication operators

applications for Defence & Security

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Platform Surveillance for Homeland Security

applications for maritime

  • Pipe & Pipeline survey for field development: Cable, riser, flexible laying
  • Field development: Assistance to pipeline laying / stinger
  • Touch down monitoring operations
  • FPSO, rigs inspection and cleaning
  • Deep water structure inspection
  • Survey and inspection for mining
  • Immerged structure inspection
  • Underwater energy and telecommunications cables inspection for cable route survey

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