The Alectis 70CE is part of ECA Group variable speed drives' range.

Designed for submarine equipment, this VSD provides a great efficiency and energy flexibility for synchronous and asynchronous AC motors.

Locally or remotely configured from a PC the Alectis 70CE integrates scalar and flux vector control.

The electrical and thermal protection features protect both the motor and the VSD.



  • Variable speed drives controlling synchronous or asynchronous motors
  • Compact, discrete, flexible and adaptive
  • On‑board applications on dc network
  • Configurable with pc (scalar control (U/F) /flux vector control), defect historization and Ethernet connectivity


  • EMC: STANAG 4437
  • Withstand to shocks 15g 11ms: CEI 68-2-11
  • Withstand to vibrations: CEI 68-2-6
  • Vibration measurement: IT1570
  • Noises measurement: IT1571
  • Low-voltage equipment assembly:
  • EN 60439-1

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