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Well proven in the navy industry, the Exail Alectis 40CE is a robust 40A variable speed drive that features efficient mechanical and technical characteristics.

Designed for AC motors, synchronous or asynchronous, the VSD can be configured locally or remotely from a PC through Ethernet.

Both scalar and flux vector control are available, along with defect logging.

The electrical and thermal protections integrated in the unit protect both the motor and the VSD.

This flexible VSD meets any customer's expectation.


  • Variable speed drives controlling synchronous or asynchronous motors
  • Compact, discrete, flexible and adaptive
  • On‑board applications on dc network
  • Configurable with pc (scalar control (U/F) /flux vector control), defect historization and Ethernet connectivity


  • Withstand to shocks 15g 11ms: CEI 68-2-11
  • Withstand to vibrations: CEI 68-2-6
  • Vibration measurement: IT1570
  • Noises measurement: IT1571
  • Low-voltage equipment assembly: EN 60439-1

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