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Thanks to its expertise in the Aeropace industry, ECA Group is capable to design special tools based on customers' specification (build-to-spec), dedicated to equipment or aerostructure manufacturing process.

The group can also bring its experience to propose optimization to existing design (build-to-print) while keeping the economical impact for the customer in mind.

ECA Group brings technical innovations to its customs jigs & tools, with the objective to improve automation, ergonomy, logistic savings or  workers safety.

Its multi-displinary teams are producing cobot for parts assembly, handling and transportation.

ECA Group team of specialist in ergonomy look at both mechanical aspect and software interface to provides improved man-machine interface.

When appropriate, Additive Layer Manufacturing solutions, commonly known as 3D Printing,  are used for aerospace jigs & tools. This allows great flexibility in design to manufacturing time for small quantity typical of special tools.

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