ECA Group integrates assembly lines, from design to turnkey project delivery, for aircraft FAL, Pre-FAL, aerostructure and aerospace equipment.

ECA Group masters assembly station development and building in the aerospace industrial environment through analysis, design and production optimisation processes tusing lean manufacturing principles, flow automation and ergonomic jigs & tools. ECA Group supplies and installs on-site turnkey project, till commissioning phase. 

As project integrator, we manage the supply chain to deliver specific innovative solutions. They  include electrical or hydraulic lifting devices for assembly by measure using laser tracker; handling tools ; mechanical gantries; multi-axis robots; drilling and riveting tools ; access platform ; transportation tool including automated guided vehicles (AGV).

ECA Group solutions ensure productivity improvement and better production cycles while preserving workers safety and investment cost optimisation.

ECA Group supplied the new ATR FAL full assembly station and construction tooling as well as all associated electronics testing means and mechanical GSE. Likewise, ECA Group was missioned  to redesign the A320 PreFAL in order to meet customers' production ramp up. Such project implementation occurs while sustaining the exising production rate. It enabled our customers to meet their objectives of production cycle improvements as required.

Thanks to ECA Group skills in multiple technologies integration and project management, we combine expertise in robotics and automatic control systems to meet the requirement of aircraft manufacturers, space manufacturers as well as the entire aerospace supply chain from aerostructure to equipment OEMs.

News & Events

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ECA GROUP - ASSEMBLY LINES - Polyvalent station allowing structural assembling and geometrical control
ECA Group to supply a turnkey station for helicopter structural assembling AEROSPACE

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