Numerous training methods and budgets imply customized solutions. ECA Group answers this need by integrating its high fidelity simulation software on any third party hardware cockpit replica. Expertise of our engineers grants smooth onsite installation thanks to upstream studies.


Combination of accurate aircraft simulation with customer hardware solution brings up a profitable mean of training for universities or training centers with higher constraint on expenses.



ECA GROUP has integrated its FFS Level A320 simulation software into a third party hardware cockpit located in CAFUC, China. The objective of the device is to teach the students on turbojet aircrafts dynamics and avionics. It can monitor and plot several simulation variables in order to further study various subjects such as aerodynamics or fuel efficiency.


  • Airlines
  • Aviation training centers


  • Low cost hardware with high accuracy simulation software
  • Extraction of simulation data for flight mechanics study
  • Expertise of ECA GROUP in aviation simulation• Support in case of certification by aviation authorities
  • Deep understanding of aircraft avionics and aerodynamics
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