A18-M / AUV / Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
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A18-M / AUV / Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

A18-M is the military configuration of ECA Group A18 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, AUV, family. STANAG 1364 compliant, it is dedicated to underwater mine warfare. This system can be delivered with a LARS allowing automatic underwater recovery. Data post processing can be made with Triton Imaging applications. It performs autonomous mission up to 300 m depth with 21h endurance, and is easy transportable by plane for overseas missions.


  • AUV with Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Sonar (ISAS)
  • Large area coverage
  • Rapid environment assessment
  • Automatic Target Recognition (ATR)
  • Easy launch and recovery in bad sea state condition
  • STANAG 1364 compliant system

Applications for Defence & Security Sector

  • Organic underwater mine warfare: MCM Mission module for large multipurpose vessel and Mission module for oceanic mine warfare
  • Conventional underwater mine warfare: Detection and classification

Operational Performances

  • Endurance: up to 24 hours
  • Max speed: up to 6 knots
  • Nominal speed: 3/4 knots
  • Operational depth: 5-300 m
  • Max area coverage rate (ACR): >2km² / h
  • Frequency: 300 kHz
  • Max swath: 2x265 m
  • Along track resolution: 3cm up to 220 m


  • Body diameter: 18 inches (46.5 cm)
  • Length: from 3.8 m
  • Weight: from 370 kg
  • Energy section: 10.6 kWh
  • Navigation: Inertial Navigation System (INS), Doppler Velocity Log (DVL), Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Communication: WiFi, Ethernet, Acoustic, Satellite
  • Safety: Emergency pinger, Strobe light, Fault and leak detection, on request: Obstacle Avoidance System, Iridium, Local Remote Control for surface recovery
  • STANAG 1364 compliance (submitted to French export regulations)
  • Payload: Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Sonar, Video, Forward Looking Sonar, CTD, ADCP, Turbidity
  • Air transportable according to UN38.3 standard


  • USBL or LBL external tracking system
  • LARS for RHIB, large ship, or containerized
  • Surface ship integration
  • Containerized C2
  • Additional sensors on request (VSS, environmental)
  • Military GNSS