A18-E is the imaging configuration of ECA Group A18 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, AUV, family. IHO S44 compliant compliant, it is dedicated to hydrography, oceanography and REA. Deployed from surface ship, this system can be delivered with a LARS allowing automatic underwater recovery. It performs autonomous mission up to 300 m depth with 21h endurance, and is easy transportable by plane for oversea missions.


High resolution bathymetry imagery

Up to S44 special order compliant

Rapid environmental data acquisition (REA)

Easy deployment for overseas missions (ISO containers transportation)

Extended  coverage and endurance capacities

User friendly mission management system


Body diameter: 18 inches (46.5 cm)

Length: from 3.8 m

Weight: from 370 kg

Energy section: 11 kWh

Navigation: Inertial Navigation System (INS), Doppler Velocity Log (DVL), USBL transponder, RTK/PPP GPS

Communication: Radio (UHF), WiFi, Ethernet, Acoustic, Satellite

Safety: Emergency pinger, Strobe light, Fault and leak detection, on request: Obstacle Avoidance System, Iridium, Local Remote Control for surface recovery

Payload: Side Scan Sonar, Multi Beam Echo Sounder, Video, Forward Looking Sonar, CTD, environmental sensors (Turbidity)

Air transportable according to UN38.3 standard

Payload specifications

SSS frequencies: 100-400 kHz

SSS imaging range: 500 m

MBES Selectable swatch   Sector: 10 to 160°

MBES Selectable   Frequencies: 200-400 kHz


USBL or LBL external tracking system

Sub Bottom Profiler

LARS for RHIB, large ship, or containerized

Surface ship integration

Containerized C3

Additional sensors on request

More info

Operational Performances

Endurance: up to 24 hours

Max speed: 6 knots

Nominal speed: 3 knots

Operational depth: 5-300 m


Applications for Defence & Security Sector

Covert REA – Subsea REA

Applications for Maritime Sector

Medium water bathymetry for Hydro-Oceanography

Hydro-Oceanography Vessel

Vessels Systems & Equipment: Hydrographic systems for data acquisition

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