The 3000 Series Modular Driving Simulator is a compact, clinical assessment tool designed to help the clinician determine whether or not a client has the ability to safely operate a vehicle after recovering from a traumatic injury or illness. Although the 3000 Series utilizes independent pedal controls and steering console, it still provides the same training software and assessment capabilities offered in our 2000 series cockpit simulator, including three screens and adaptive controls.


  • Tabletop design with a 3-screen display and embedded PC
  • Automotive sized wheel, automotive turn signals and gear shifter, steel pedals
  • Includes skills testing assessment rehabilitation software (STARS)

Applications for Driving Simulation

  • Car driving simulators: Simulation training systems for persons with reduced mobility (Initial/ avanced driving training)

System Hardware

  • System Platform: Steel chassis features an embedded PC and three screens for wide angle viewing
  • Automotive Functionality: Full-size steering wheel, turn-key ignition, smart stick, and automatic and manual transmissions
  • Adaptive controls: Hand controls with push pull, and push twist operation, and left foot accelerators
  • Handicapped accessible: Adjustable height steel stand adjusts to accommodate varying wheelchairs
  • Modular Components: “Plug and Play” design allows for easy setup and lower maintenance costs

System Software

  • Rehabilitation Training Software: Includes 39 lessons, over 200 scenarios & exercises, and unlimited practice driving
  • Reaction Time: Quickly calculate the driver’s reaction time in several different driving situations.
  • Field of View: Evaluate the driver’s ability to perceive objects across a wide three screen FOV
  • Memory: Review the driver’s ability to recognize and remember basic colors and shapes
  • Crash Avoidance Scenarios: Includes dozens of crash avoidance scenarios and risky situations
  • Create your own Scenarios: Quickly create your own exercises, including weather, time of day and traffic density
  • Multi-View Replay: Enables the instructor to review any completed scenario from a 360 ̊ angle

 System Overview

ECA group’s 3000 series offers advanced technology in a more compact, space saving configuration, and at a lower price.

The STARS software (skills testing assessment rehabilitation software) is designed to test core cognitive and physical skills such as reaction time, memory retention of field of vision.

It’s also include our driver training software, which covers everything from pre-drive checks, rules of the road, how to identify hazards and risks, avoid collisions, drive in adverse conditions and more.

A virtual instructor narrates the lesson and walks the driver through the exercise, while providing verbal, written and icon feedback. Practice scenarios can be created in seconds, and be set up in the city, country, driving range and test track.

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