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ECA Group Roving Bat - Rov Solution

ECA Group Roving Bat - Rov Solution


Subsea - Oil & Gas applications:

  • Subsea Structure Inspection & Work
  • FPSO Rigs, Hull Inspection & Cleaning
  • Hull and Vertical Structures expertise
  • Inspection of Immersed Structures, Hydraulic dams...

Swims, tilts, rolls, stick and crawls thanks to:

  • 6 very strong thrusters
  • 2 sets of motorized tracks

Inspects, measures and cleans thanks to tv cameras, various sensors and tools can be installed specific to each task

Rovingbat, a specific ROV solution, hybrid vehicle combining a traditionnal ROV with a crawler, providing with its 8 powerful thruster, a very strong thrust, and equipped dwith two sets of motorized tracks. Discover Rovingbat solution for your needs:


ECA Group Rovingbat Hybrid Rov


ECA Group Rovingbat Hybrid Rov


ECA Group Rovingba Hybrid Rov

ROVINGBAT is a hybrid ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) for close inspection of vertical structures like ship hulls...

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