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Nine of the 10 largest armies in the world are equipped with solutions developed by the ECA Group. The group is a leader in AUVs for mine detection and destruction. Its know-how and expertise are recognised around the world. The ECA Group combines its expertise in designing drones operating on water, under water, on land and in the air, and in developing integrated systems, in order to develop a comprehensive range of solutions adapted to the needs of the defence sector, maritime, nuclear power, oil rigs and industry. In addition, the ECA Group is developing a research programme on "robotics systems" of the future. Its aim is to improve the capacities and performance of all the robotised solutions made available to the group's customers.


The ECA Group offers comprehensive and completely integrated solutions for Homeland Security missions, Naval Defence and Air-Land forces.

Deployed for surveillance, detection, inspection, rapid response and counteraction missions, these robotic solutions developped by the ECA Group are based on a complete range of air, land and sea robotic systems that can be either remote-controlled or autonomous.

Interoperable, equipped with the best high-performance sensors, and able to process data in real-time, these drones are the basis for solutions used to rapidly and efficiently identify and neutralise risks.

The ECA Group also offers a range of submarine systems as well as special equipment for ships, land vehicles and aircraft.

Also, in the Training Simulation sector, ECA Group supplies its customers with a set of solutions for training personnel in driving proficiency or specialised missions based on a complete range of simulators available worldwide.


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The ECA Group designs automatic control solutions that carry out a very wide range of missions for the maritime activities such as Offshore Oil platforms, Undersea Operations or Hydrography & Oceanography.

This robotic solutions are used worldwide and fullfil their missions for deep-sea exploration, pipeline inspection, operations on immersed worksites, mining research, control and command systems, video surveillance, etc. Robotics solutions based on autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and remotely-operated underwater vehicles (ROV) equipped with cameras and articulated arms carry out response or inspection missions adapted to the wide variety of needs of our various customers.

They allow our customers to benefit from the Group’s expertise in the acquisition and processing of sonar data.

ECA Group also offers a range of simulator-based solutions for training personnel to drive various vehicles and for other activities that take place aboard ships.


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Energy & Industrial equipment

ECA Group provides innovative and effective robotics based turnkey solutions to its customers in the Industry & Energy sector.

Its robust and reliable robots dedicated to inspection, intervention and maintenance missions are particularly adapted to tough and demanding environments such as nuclear, energy, infrastructures, aeronautics, automotive, etc.

These comprehensive solutions are used in industries for approaching as close as possible sources of danger: land drones equipped with cameras or articulated arms, video control systems highly resistant to radiation, etc.

Based on its range of air, land and undersea robots equipped with the most sophisticated sensors and adapted to each specific need, ECA Group has developed reliable high-quality solutions for the surveillance and inspection of infrastructures and industrial sites: dams, bridges, refineries, nuclear power plants, wind farms, etc.

By its knowledge of industrial processes and automatic control systems, ECA Group is able to offer innovative and effective turnkey solutions to its customers: decommissioning of nuclear plants, designing flexible assembly lines for industrial customers, etc.

In the energy sector, the ECA Group produces electric motors and converters particularly adapted to railway and naval industries.


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