The ECA GROUP's R7 is a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) which combines the compactness and ease of deployment of mini-ROVs with the performance, speed and payload carrying capacity of professional observation-class ROVs.

Fast, modular and easy to deploy, the R7 is designed for oceanographers, hydrographers, fish farmers and operators of submerged structures for all their underwater missions up to a depth of 300m, including inspection, observation, surveillance, maintenance and object recovery.

The R7 incorporates the latest developments in digital technology for some of the highest quality images on the market. The plug-and-play connection of payloads is facilitated by the 100% digital architecture, giving the R7 its scalable character.

The R7 also stands out in terms of ergonomics thanks to its highly intuitive Human Machine Interface and ease of use.

The R7 can also be equipped with a manipulator arm with up to five functions, making it extremely manoeuvrable. It can easily handle or recover objects up to 2kg.



  • Versatile, multi-function design
  • Highly manoeuvrable
  • Fully digital
  • Ergonomic & intuitive user interface
  • Man-portable & simple to deploy
  • Professional-grade robustness
  • Highly serviceable & easy to maintain



applicationS FOR defence and security

  • Subsea observation, inspection and surveillance
  • Object recovery
  • Wreck inspection
  • Search and rescue
  • Black box recovery
  • Harbour surveillance: Seabed survey
  • Coastal Seabed survey
  • Offshore protection: Shallow water Survey for Platform protection
  • Harbour protection
  • Coastal protection

applicationS FOR MARITIME

  • Underwater inspections & Surveys: Seabed survey, oceanography, hydrography
  • Immerged Structures (Hydrolic dams, Wind farms, Fish farms, turbines) cleaning: Survey during screen cleaning or dredging operations
  • Cable inspection and monitoring by ROV

applicationS FOR energy anD industry

  • Dam control & inspection
  • Offshore windfarm inspection and monitoring
  • Fish farms inspection and monitoring
  • Pipeline inspection
  • General Visual Inspection (GVI) and Close Visual Inspection (CVI)
  • Thickness Measurement

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