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Professional Car, Truck and Motorcycle Simulators

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Professional Simulators for Initial and Advanced Driving Training

ECA Group Car Driving SimulatorCar Simulators ECA Group Truck Driving SimulatorTruck Simulator
ECA Group Motorcycle simulatorsMotorcycle Simulators A WIDE RANGE OF DRIVING SIMULATORS
  • Initial | Advanced
  • ECO Driving
  • Persons with Reduced Mobility
  • Safe Driving in Risky Situations
  • Two Wheels Vehicles Safe Driving & Risk Prevention
  • Simulation training systems for Commercial Truck


ECA Group Car Driving Simulator


The ECA Group offers a broad range of technologically advanced vehicle simulators for comprehensive traffic safety training including basic vehicle operation, procedural tasks and road management, risk awareness and defensive driving, deterrent training for driving under the influence of alcohol & other drugs, deterrent training distracted driving caused by handheld devices, and more. These systems are ideally suited for public and private driving schools, corporate employee training courses, law enforcement community service programs and other traffic safety initiatives.
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ECA Group Truck Driving Simulator


The ECA Group next generation EF-Truck Ng Simulator has been designed to be the most comprehensive commercial truck driver training system available on the market today. Specifically for trucking fleets and training schools. The ECA Group CDL truck simulator is a lifelike driving training tool which offers immersive visual graphics, genuine truck components, integrated training curriculum, and a 3 axis motion platform offering an immersive experience. It’s an engaging and convincing training tool designed to develop safe, efficient driving practices, and lower fuel and maintenance costs. This flexible system can be installed at client’s facility, or in mobile trailers that can be moved to remote training sites and customers locations.
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ECA Group Two Wheels Driving Simulator


ECA Group offers the most advanced motorcycle simulators available in the world, which includes Cruiser and Sport Bike simulators, as well as EF-Scoot for smaller two wheeled vehicles and scooters. These systems feature actual motorcycle components and controls, lifelike graphics, a 2 axis motion platform and comprehensive rider safety training program. In addition, along with ECA Group partners and specialists at the University of Nottingham, our engineers have also developed a Safe Riding and Risk Prevention safety training modules, which are designed to raise risk awareness, and decrease the crash rate for 2-wheeled vehicles.
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