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ECA Group - UAV IT 180-120 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Azeri defence - ECA Group unveils its... DEFENCE & SECURITY

On occasion of the MILIPOL Paris 2017 tradeshow, ECA Group, showcased the IMSI-Catcher signal...

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ECA Group - EF Emergency Simulation Training Systems for Police Car Driving v3 resized
Channel International: EF Emergency... ECA GROUP

EF Emergency is a new range of simulators for emergency response drivers and riders adapted to...

Read More - Delair and ECA Group unveil their multi drone ground station DEFENCE & SECURITY

The new ground control station developed by Delair and ECA Group enables collaborative drone missions.

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UAS Weekly: Delair & ECA Group a new... DEFENCE & SECURITY

 Delair and ECA Group enables collaborative drone missions by developing a new ground...

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ECA GROUP - UMIS - Control room resized version
Shephard: ECA Group unveils UMIS for... DEFENCE & SECURITY

ECA Group introduced at Milipol Paris 2017, a new system for coastal security called "UMIS for...

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ECA Group - Mini UAV Image Intelligence Sigint Imint Missions
Shephard: ECA Group enveils... DEFENCE & SECURITY

ECA Group announed the integration of an International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI)-Catcher...

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ECA Group - UAV IT 180-30 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UAS Vision: ECA Group Unveils... DEFENCE & SECURITY

At MILIPOL 2017, ECA Group unveiled the IMSI-Catcher Image intelligence module for its UAV...

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Army Recognition: Delair & ECA Group join forces to propose new multi drone ground station DEFENCE & SECURITY

At Milipol 2017 in Paris, ECA Group and Delair unveiled a new multi drone ground control station. This GCS, fullly developed by both these French specialists in civil, defence and security...

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Sciences et avenir: ECA Group... DEFENCE & SECURITY

During Milipol 2017, ECA Group exhibited its Unmanned ground vehicles for Homeland Security...

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ECA Group - ROV K STER C 3D - 2
UT3 Issue 5 2017: Expendable Mine... DEFENCE & SECURITY

ECA Group delivered the first completely automated solution for mine counter Measures to an asian...

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