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ECA Group - Z Pipe Viewer MK2
ECA GROUP provides swift pipe... ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA GROUP delivers a Z-Pipe Viewer TV system for the diagnosis of waste water networks in...

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Roving Bat
Atlantis H2020 European Project: ECA... MARITIME

By modernising its hybrid Remotely Operated Vehicle, ECA GROUP is actively preparing the future...

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ECA Group - UAV IT 180-120 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
ECA Group's UAV IT180 applications... ENERGY INDUSTRY

The capabilities of the ECA Group unmanned aircraft IT180 for mineral exploration and mining...

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The civilian market shows strong... ENERGY INDUSTRY

Just more than a year after the acquisition of Infotron, ECA Group has recorded intense...

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A contract for boreholes inspection system for Nestle Water China ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group has been awarded a contract for the delivery of the BH VIEWER 500 TV inspection system to NESTLE WATERS in China for the real time visual diagnosis of the internal conditions of water...

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ECA Group - Van Arrangement - 3
A CCTV inspection vehicle delivered... ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group is delivering a CCTV inspection vehicle to one of the main actor of the sewers networks...

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ECA Group - Pipe Cruiser
A contract for two sewerage networks... ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group has been awarded, via its local distributor, a contract for the delivery of two Pipe...

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ECA GROUP - UAV - ECA Group develops an UAV for industrial inspection in mountain area
ECA Group develops an UAV for... ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group has developed an UAV solution for linear infrastrucure inspection for network...

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ECA Group - Geophysics Mini UAV - airborne - 2
An UAV for Civil Applications: IT180... ENERGY INDUSTRY

The ECA Group UAV Research & Development team worked in cooperation with YellowScan®...

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ROVING BAT for Chevron Corporation ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Robotics, an ECA Group subisdiary, has been awarded a substantial contract by a joint venture involving U.S energy company, CHEVRON CORPORATION for the engineering and supply of a ROVING BAT...

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ECA Group announces a new contract... ENERGY INDUSTRY

SAMSUNG HEAVY INDUSTRY confirmed a new contract for the delivery of Explosion Proof CCTV systems...

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Success in maintenance for nuclear... ENERGY INDUSTRY

Specific equipment designed by ECA Group for the replacement of critical elements in EDF reactors...

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