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ECA-GROUP-AGV-MAX avant et dessus anode 2
ECA Group to launch its new... ENERGY INDUSTRY

Whereas the industry is transforming to keep up with intense competition, technologies must be...

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MAX, the first autonomous vehicle for... ENERGY INDUSTRY

Liberty Aluminium Dunkirk has become the first company to introduce MAX, an anode transportation...

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ECA Group supplies Médecins Sans... ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group will work together with the non-governmental organisation Medecins Sans...

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ECA - GROUP - UAV - IT 180
BBC News: Eurotunnel unveils drones... ENERGY INDUSTRY

Eurotunnel has unveiled two new drones to boost security on the French side of the Channel Tunnel.

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Courrier de l'ouest: UAVs, precious... ENERGY INDUSTRY

INTRA Group has organized a demonstration of its robots and UAV IT180 wich are used for nuclear...

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Shephard Media: ECA Group IT180 UAV adapted for polar region ENERGY INDUSTRY

Shephard Media about ECA Group's IT180 UAV for operations in polar regions based on the requirements of France's Laboratory of Glaciology and Geophysics of Environment (LGGE),

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ECA Group supplies several TV... ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group has been awarded a contract for the delivery of six colour TV inspection systems

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ECA GROUP - UAV - IT180 - 160 - POLAR
ECA Group extends its UAV IT180 range... ENERGY INDUSTRY

Among its ambitious Research and Development program, ECA Group develops technological solutions...

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ECA GROUP - NEWS - IT180 - 120 used for filmmaking
Airborne drones for Events &... ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV IT180 is well-known in the Defense & Security sector...

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ECA Group - DTR 120Z EX HD
Video surveillance of sites in an... ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group has been awarded a contract for the delivery of 13 DTR120Z Ex colour TV cameras, to be...

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Water industry: a deep borehole TV inspection system for Tunisia ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group has been awarded a contract for the delivery of a BH Viewer 2000 system.

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ECA GROUP- background page- nuclear marche
Contract for the supply of two... ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group has been awarded a major contract by WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIQUE FRANCE for the engineering...

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ECA Group - UGV Cameleon C manipulator arm - 4
ECA Group helds in Paris a seminar... ENERGY INDUSTRY

Mid-February ECA Group organized in Paris a seminar dedicated to its Unmanned Ground Vehicles...

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