A new dimension to prospective geophysics through innovative airborne data collection

Mineral and Oil exploration


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For mining and petroleum companies, the extraction of precious mineral resources such as gold, diamond or copper, or the exploitation of oil deposits require extensive exploration campaigns over very large areas, in order to optimize the subsequent borehole decision process.

These geological surveys are primarily performed thanks to widely accepted technics such as seismic and gravimetry, which aim at collecting as much relevant geophysical information as possible while accounting for geological knowledge.

Those techniques can barely or not at all be airborne-implemented due to the size and weight of the associated instrumentation. Therefore, they are usually complemented by other methods which may be airborne implemented and which bring additional information for a better interpretation of complex geological structures

Among those methods, we usually find:

  • Interpreted variations of the earth magnetic field, using magnetometers
  • Responses to induced electromagnetic fields, using electromagnetic active sensors
  • Radiological measurements, using gamma counting and spectrometric sensors 



Still today, these data collections are almost exclusively achieved with sensors plugged underneath airplanes or helicopters, in order to obtain a macro set of data. Then, this is complemented by instrumented ground crews which focus on most promising areas and on sectors that are not reachable by cumbersome airborne means, from a practical or safety perspective.

Today, ECA Group offers innovative UAV capabilities designed to reinforce the efficiency of airborne surveys at the front line of the overall drilling process, while enabling much faster and safer work than the one achieved by ground crews.

Using our IT180 UAV platforms, we provide agile and cost effective solutions for exploration of fields which extend up to hundreds of square kilometers.

Our services include survey lines flown according to customer’ specifications, enabling the collection of filtered and calibrated raw data.

Also, depending on the selected sensors we may also provide processed data directly usable by our customers’ geologist, which may belong to mining or petroleum companies, as well as geotechnical service companies looking for an airborne solution partner in order to meet their customer’s needs.


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