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The heart of an efficient Flight Simulation Training Device is the simulation software. Developed in accordance with OEM Data Package, static and dynamic performance of all aircraft’ systems are fully simulated. Transient behavior of all valves, relays, motors, pumps affecting instrument indications in the cockpit are simulated in order to bring the training device as close as possible from the original simulated aircraft.



A customizable software tool

ECA Group’s worldwide recognized simulated Flight Management (and Guidance) System additionally has the capability to integrate customer’s Navigation Database after a conversion into a specific proprietary software tool. This capacity brings out more than ever a completely tailored training for the benefit of trainees and operators.

ECA Group - Flight Simulator Software Replica


Evolving in partnership with the industry's professionals

Simulation software is in constant evolution through close collaboration with our customers and with OEM.

Our team of experienced engineers can lean on a strong background in aviation simulation, started nearly 30 years ago through partnerships with major airlines, aircraft manufacturers and avionics providers.

ECA Group - Flight Simulator Software Replica
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