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All hardware replicas are designed to be robust enough to withstand high cycle times without any performance degradation.



Flight Training Device (FTD) Hardware

The Flight Training Device’s cockpit provides a three-dimensional physical environment simulating the real cockpit. Flight deck’s switches, instruments, equipment, panels, systems, primary and secondary flight controls sufficient for the training events to be accomplished are located in a spatially correct flight deck area and operate as, and represent those in, the selected aircraft. All panels correspond to the real-world function and are of identical size. Where necessary, additional equipment required for MCC qualification are installed.

ECA Group - Flight Simulator Hardware Replica

Touch Screen Trainers Hardware

The Touch Screen Trainer’s platform provides a combination of touch screens and hardware replicas. Integration of hardware panels into the touch screen cockpit is performed in order to enhance training experience. Fidelity and reliability of hardware replicas is identical to those installed in the Flight Training Device.

ECA Group - Flight Simulator Hardware Replica
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