Tooling made with ALM Solutions

New generation of 3D printed tooling for Aerospace Jigs & Tools

Thanks to a partnership with prodways, ECA Group offers a wide range of Aerospace jigs & tools created thanks to 3D printing technology.

ALM / Additive layer Manufacturing aircraft tooling
ALM / Additive layer Manufacturing aircraft tooling

This pilot controls safety clamp is an Aerospace additive layer manufacturing tool keeping usual function while...

Flap Actuator Safety Block
Flap Actuator Safety Block

ECA Group uses ALM 3D printing technologies to realize aerospace tools. ECA Group offers a wide range of aerospace...

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ECA Group  partners with Prodways, a French company also subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, specialized in 3D printing for the industry, in order to produce Aerospace tools.

With ECA Group's 30 year experience in the development of Aerospace jigs and tools, 3D printing allows to design a new generation of Aerospace manufacting tools through a large choice of polymer and metal Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) processes.

These ALM tools speciffally made for Aerospace purposes offer concrete benefits such as weight reduction, savings on production costs and reduced manufacturing time.

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