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MIDS ROV Solutions

Mine Identification and Destruction Systems (MIDS) combining identification & neutralization ROVs

Exail designs and provides MIDS ROV solutions to perform underwater mine countermeasures missions.


K-STER C vehicle is a light weight expendable mine disposal vehicle for mine warfare. It is fitted with a shape...


PAP MK6 is a self-propelled ROV dedicated to mine warfare with a high carrying capacity (NATO Mine Disposal Charge,...

SeaScan MK2
SeaScan MK2

Seascan MK2 is a light weight self-propelled ROV dedicated to inspection missions. Its unique architecture...

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Exail specializes in the design of  MIDS systems for more than 40 years.

By developing the first MIDS system back in the early 1970s with the creation of the underwater wire-guided mine identification and destruction robot called PAP (Self-Propelled Fish). In total, about 30 marines have been equipped with Exail's MIDS robots, representing a thousand of MIDS robots sold for mine clearance at sea.

With the evolution of unmanned technologies, Exail has been developing since 90ies a new, more efficient MIDS system composed of 2 types of underwater robots:

  • The SEASCAN a retrievable high performance ROV to carry out identification mines identification, making it possible to see the object and to confirm that it is indeed a mine,
  • The ROV / K-STER C ammunition which, like a missile, is guided towards the mine and destroys it thanks to a powerful shaped charge. It is to destroy 100% of IED, EOD or mines, layed on seafloor or moored even with harsh environmental conditions.

Combined with Exail's expertise in naval drone, those MIDS can be fitted on a dedicated Launch and Recovery System (LARS) to be deployed from an USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle)


In accordance to the latest requirements of Navies, these MIDS system comply with NATO standards for acoustic and magnetic discretion to perform the mission without triggering the smartest mines.

To simplify the task of the operator and improve mission efficiency, Exail MIDS system already integrates auto-depth and auto-track modules intended to automatize ROV’s path to reach the minefield area, using previous cartography data.

Integrated in UMIS™ system, these MIDS systems can be used simulatenously to ther Exail naval drones, thanks to the single common command and control system.


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