AUV Solutions

Multi-missions Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for Civilian & Military Applications

ECA Group designs and provides long-endurance AUV solutions for underwater missions up to 3000 m depths. 

Mooring Inspections By Robots
Mooring Inspections By Robots

Discover the ECA Group Hytec™, range of solutions for the inspection of mooring. Two observation class and two work...

A18-E / AUV / Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
A18-E / AUV / Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

A18-E is the imaging configuration of ECA Group A18 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, AUV, family. It is dedicated to...

A18D / AUV / Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
A18D / AUV / Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

A18D is a mid size Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for deep water applications. Dedicated to 3D seabed Survey. It can...

A18-M / AUV / Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
A18-M / AUV / Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

A18-M is the new-generation mid-size AUV developed by ECA Group to meet the challenging requirements of underwater...

A18-TD / AUV / Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
A18-TD / AUV / Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

A18-TD is a twin hull Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for deep water applications. It performs low speed inspection,...

A27-E / AUV / Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
A27-E / AUV / Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

The A27-E is an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, AUV, family for civil applications. This flexible platform is capable...

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From man-portable, mid-size to larger AUV, ECA Group's expertise in naval robotics enables to adress the whole underwater market with high performance solutions to complete a wide range of missions.

As an integrator, ECA Group offers mission driven interoperable systems using the best sensors on the market and a wide range of payload to be fitted on the equipment.

Endurance and high quality imagery are the key advantage of ECA group underwater robotic systems. There wide area coverage capabilities combined to a very stable architecture allow to make the most of the data collected through the mission.

ECA Group's Autonomous Underwater Vehicles comes with an user-frienly mission preparation and post analysis software. Missions can be prepared in advanced in order to be quickly deployed on field. The AUV performs its mission in a completely autonomous way enabling the operators to focuses on other important tasks and prepare post-mission treatment.

the A- range of ECA Group AUVs can be easily automatically deployed from a Launch and Recovery System (LARS) on a vessel or a Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV).

Among the wide range of missions that can be conducted thanks to ECA group's naval drones. These solutions addresses the needs of Naval Forces, Coastal and Port authorities, Border control or any other operator involved in the defence or security of a sea or coastal area. Military applications includes:

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Underwater Mine Warfare
  • Rapid Environment Assessment (REA)
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR)
  • Harbor / Costal Surveillance and Protection

ECA Group's AUV also find applications in the commercial and Research sector, especially for Maritime purpose in the Subsea or Oil and Gas sector. From pipeline inspection operators to research institutes, ECA Group underwater robots capabilites in the civilian sector will address the operational requirements of a large panel of customers requiring missions of:

  • Field Developement | FPSO, Rigs | Subsea Works
  • Mining | Bathymetry, Data Acquisition
  • Deep Water Survey & Inspection

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