Aerospace testing Solutions

ECA Group develops electrical and mechanical test means for aerospace equipment and up to complete aircraft, from product design to production and support.

ECA Group provides Aerospace electrical & mechanical test means fully dedicated to the industry requirements

TC200-H160 / Test means / Helicopter electrical test set
TC200-H160 / Test means / Helicopter electrical test set

T-Cell technology features a range of compact electronic modules fitted into various mobile cases. It is transported...

TC50 eTOOL / All-in-one trouble shooting portable tool
TC50 eTOOL / All-in-one trouble shooting portable tool

a new all-in-one Aerospace electrical Ground Support Equipment (E-GSE). This innovative wire troubleshooting GSE...

TP10-A429 / ARINC 429 reader transmitter
TP10-A429 / ARINC 429 reader transmitter

TP10-A429 is a compact ARINC 429 reader/transmitter with large touchscreen & user oriented interface . It features...

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In the field of aerospace testing means, ECA Group designs and manufacture test tools fully dedicated to the aerospace industry requirements.

ECA Group designs custom electrical or mechanical test means adapted to customers environement focusing on prototyping, production or maintenance operational concerns. COTS equipment can be integrated or ECA Group can provide its own compact, modular and evolutive T-CELL technology.

In order to solve mixed hardware in test benches, component obsolescence and software issues due to operating system upgrades; ECA has developped the T-CELL technology. It is based on smart electronic modules capable of acquiring, generating or switching all types of aircraft electrical signals. In less than 5 minutes, these hot plugged T-CELLs can be arranged to perform avionics bus and analog testing capabilities in or around the aircraft.

This modular and streamlined architecture allows offering unlimited tooling form factors, ranging from handheld testers (< 10 test points) to a distributed functional testing system (> 2000 distributed test points).

ECA Group's electrical testing products give the capability to aircraft manufacturers, OEMs and aircraft operators to conduct test at the feet of the aircraft at a reduced cost with the precision of an advanced Automated Test Equipment.

Other benefit includes easy maintainability and  full obsolescence management over software and hardware, since our architecture is web based therefore not PC-dependant.

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