Manufacturing Solutions for Aerospace

Optimized, reliable and competitive solutions for aircraft.

ECA Group expertise in the latest aviation technologies enable to offer state-of-the-art solutions in the field of aircraft Assembly Lines and Jigs & Tools.

ALM / Additive layer Manufacturing
ALM / Additive layer Manufacturing

ECA Group produdes a wide range of aircraft tooling using the additive layer manufacturing technology. ECA Group in...

Aerospace Jigs & Tools
Aerospace Jigs & Tools

ECA Group designs custom special ergonomic tools for aerospace equipment or aerostructure manufacturing process.

Aerospace Assembly Lines
Aerospace Assembly Lines

ECA Group integrates assembly lines, from design to turnkey project delivery, for aircraft FAL, Pre-FAL,...

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ECA Group provides comprehensive solutions to its Aerospace customers throughtout the  product life-cycle, from research and development, to production and to in-service operation.

ECA Group designs, manufactures and services niche products and projects in the field of Jigs & tools and Assembly lines,

Thanks to a team of experienced personnel supported by dedicated electronics, software and mechanical design offices, ECA group can take on considerable or custom projects, manage associated risks and deliver on time, on quality and on budget.


ECA Group also make the most of the 3D printing Tecnology (Additive Layer Manufacturing processes) to offer a wide range of aircraft equipments.

With deep knowledge of aircraft environment, our technical solution allow to reduce production cycles, while optimizing passenger safety and comfort.


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