An over 30 M€ contract - ECA Group to supply Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) to French Ministry of A

Wednesday, January 10 2018

CEFA, ECA Group & SCOPEX were awarded a major contract for SMINEX tender released by French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) for the technology qualification, supply & maintenance of complete EOD & C-IED Equipment Solution. This equipment is dedicated to search, detection, analysis & neutralization of IED (Improvised Explosives Devices) or UXO (UneXploded Ordnance).

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The three partnering companies (see the press release) will supply the first ever made “road, rail & air deployable shelter of EOD & C-IED equipment” so as to provide transportation platform & in-service maintenance workshop for the 3 French Armed Forces (Army, Navy & Air Forces) – as a unique, interoperable solution to be qualified by the DGA (French Defence Procurement Agency).

SMINEX, a global approch for EOD equipments

SMINEX* is the first project relative to EOD equipment (individual protection suits, handheld detectors, X-Ray systems, water cannon, Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV), etc.) with a global approach in an integrated system to provide a maximum efficiency and resilience during operations.

ECA Group to supply 15 IGUANA E UGVs

Within the scope of this contract, ECA Group will supply the French Armed Forces with ground robots UGV IGUANA E and provide its expertise in integrated robotic systems to develop and qualify the mobile operations centers in shelters. This new solution will allow the operators to have a complete and modular integration of IGUANA E robot into a wide range of vehicles – so as to meet various and specific needs.

In the framework of this contract for a total amount of over 30 M€, ECA Group received a firm order over a timeframe of 40 months and an amount of over 10 M€ for the outcome of which is the delivery of 15 UGV IGUANA E robots equipped to neutralize Improvised Explosive Devices. Then, according to his needs and until 2024, the customer can through additional purchase orders up to an amount over 20 M€, be provided with up to 43 complementary UGV IGUANA robots and related equipment and maintain them in operational conditions.

Learn more about IGUANA E UGV

The bomb disposal ground robot IGUANA E provides a complete solution in order to face any unconventional situation. This new generation UGV integrates a large set of equipment and performs complex operations such as :

  • etc.. 

Moreover, the UGV IGUANA E integrates intelligent solutions helping the operator to prepare his mission and reach his target in the most simple and ergonomic way. With its automatic mode the UGV IGUANA E is able cross obstacles independently and to intervene in places hard to reach. Thus, this robot can, for example enter and inspect marine vessels, climb autonomously stairs or intervene inside an overhead locker in the plane.

This contract is the first significant sale of the UGV IGUANA developed by ECA Group during 2015 and 2016. At the forefront of innovation, these latest developments for the French Armed Forces are part of ECA Group’s commitment to its customers and a proof of the reliability and efficiency of its solutions. These are designed for use in hostile, restrictive and demanding environments and ensure safe and precise operations with reliable and sustainable technologies.


In coming years, another set of significant tenders for this type of UGVs will be issued by several world’s armies. This contract awarded by French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) is an important reference for ECA Group and his partners.


* SMINEX – Acquisition tender for Mobile Intervention Systems for EOD and NEDEX units.

Discover IGUANA E UGV solution

Learn more about ECA Group range of UGV solutions


ECA Group to supply Unmanned Ground Vehicles to French Armed Forces

ECA Group to supply Unmanned Ground Vehicles to French Armed Forces

A 32.8 M€ contract - ECA Group to supply Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) to French Armed Forces

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