ECA GROUP introduces two new drones

Thursday, February 21 2019
ECA GROUP just unveiled two new robots at the IDEX Trade Show. The surface drone INSPECTOR 125 extends the capacity of the UMIS™ drone systems while the CAMELEON LG terrestrial robot expands the range of robots that comprise the systems of air-land drones.

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The USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle)INSPECTOR 125 is highly capable of carrying or towing other vehicles or systems. It is shock-resistant and unsinkable, characteristics that make this surface drone ideal for defence and security missions in the most hostile environments. The INSPECTOR 125 is, in fact, based on a hull designed by MAURIC, which equips the SNSM (The National Marine Rescue Company).

After INSPECTOR 90 and INSPECTOR 120, this surface drone completes the range of USVs that can integrate the UMIS™ drone systems. It hosts the UMISOFT software suite common to all of ECA GROUP's naval drones and makes it possible to expand the range of potential uses of UMIS™ by its customers.

INSPECTOR 125 is designed to be deployed and recovered from vessels of 50 m or longer, such as the OCTOPODA 500 designed by MAURIC. This vessel may carry UMIS™ naval drone systems including the INSPECTOR 125.

Surface drones plays a key role in naval drone systems and the capacity to extend this range, thanks to MAURIC, is essential for our clients. INSPECTOR 125 has already been presented to several of them interested by its performance. This illustrates the capacity of the ECA GROUP to offer the highest performing robotic systems meeting customer needs, thanks to its expertise in different types of naval drones and to its UMISOFT software suite. The latter makes it possible to plan, manage and exploit the data of the missions and can be easily integrated into the vessel's combat system.

Inspector 125 USV


ECA GROUP is also unveiling the new land robot CAMELEON LG, jointly developed with NEXTER Group, to complement ECA GROUP's land drones range. It has already been presented to several clients. This UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle)COBRA, IGUANA and CAMELEON, is lightweight (12 kgs) and very versatile (it can carry 15 kgs of payload). Thanks to its deployment speed (3 minutes), it meets the need for responsiveness in tactical use.

ECA GROUP continues furthermore to bring the functionalities of all of its land robots at the highest level required by the market. It's in this context that eight new generation CAMELEON MK3 robots will be delivered to the first customer at the end of 2019.


With these two new robots, ECA GROUP is pursuing a strategy consisting in providing its clients complete drone systems capable of completing a mission in its entirety (demining, reconnaissance, security…).

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