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2021 | 30 November - 02 December

WORLD NUCLEAR EXHIBITION 2021 | Nov. 30 - Dec. 2 | ECA Group solutions for Nuclear

ECA GROUP will welcome you from November 30th  to december 2nd 2021 during WORLD NUCLEAR EXHIBITION (WNE) held at Parc des Expos in Villepinte Hall 7. On our booth, you will discover our solutions in the field of Energy & Industry and more specifically for Nuclear activities.

Join ECA GROUP experts at WORLD NUCLEAR EXHIBITION  2021 - Booth F67 Hall 7

ECA GROUP will welcome you on its stand F67 to present its solutions in the field of Energy & Industry and more specifically for Nuclear activities.


ECA GROUP solutions to be presented at WORLD NUCLEAR EXHIBITION 2021

Ground robotics systems for CBRN and Ex environments

ECA GROUP will be showcasing some of its latest technological solutions to be operated in CBRN Environments:

  • IGUANA UGV is an Unmanned Ground Vehicle; of  medium size for CBRN operations. Mobile and resistant, equipped with different payloads such as sampling collector, manipulator arm and fitted with various sensors to detect, analyze and measure in real-time any suspicious agents. As a result, the IGUANA is daily used for a large range of missions from reconnaissance to intervention.
  • CAMELEON C UGV, is a  lightweight counter-CBRN UGV able to detect, analyze and measure in real-time any chemical and radiological agents for CBRN reconnaissance operations. The UGV can be directly operated from a vehicle to prevent from unnecessary risks of exposure.
  • COBRA UGV : ECA Group offers a high performance solution for immediate chemical or radiological warfare agent detection for counter CBRN operations. Based on Cobra MK2 C, this mini UGV provides CBRN activities with situation awareness.

Robotics systems for Nuclear Applications

Our experts will be present to inform you about ECA GROUP solutions dedicated to Nuclear domain:

  • EPR FA3 - Remote operated filter changing machine is a special device dedicated to nuclear installations for remotely replacement of filters inside the effluent treatment building. It enables to set up new filters and transport contaminated filter for waste processing while insuring the safety of the personnel from radiation exposure and contamination. 
  • Discover VS340N, a monochrome bi-unit TV camera with hard radiation tolerant tube sensor and interchangeable heads (frontal, radial/rotative, zoom, builtin lights) for exhaustive inspection of nuclear plant reactor.
  • EVO 80 IF, an omnidirectional viewing unit with zoom colour TV camera and strong lights for inspection of nuclear plant pressurizer. These are operated inside the steam generator for the detection of structural defaults (welding, corrosion...) and the presence of foreign objects. 
  • CEP 75 / Underwater modular crawler or the TV inspection in nuclear center hot cells & stock piling / processing centers.

Robotic solutions for inspection, measurement & maintenance/repair within industrial facilities networks

ECA GROUP provides innovative high tech and resilient solutions to meet the needs for inspection, measurement & maintenance/repair within various networks, mostly industrial utilities or large bore  pipe works.

  • Pipe Cruiser: A modular robotic system for inspection of pipes from 150 to 2000 mm allowing multiple configurations to draw a precise diagnosis of internal conditions of networks.  
  • Mini Pipe Cruiser: A small motorized crawler for TV inspection and measurement of confined areas with dimensions from 100 to 400 mm. 
  • P pipe Viewer: is a portable system for TV inspection by pushed Rod system of piping with a range diameter from 80 to 250 mm - manual operation.
  • Pipeline Inspector: A specially profiled ROV to operate inside plants large industrial pipes.
  • Z pipe viewer: A  portable system for swift diagnosis of drinking water lines and dedicated to rapid diagnosis of the general state of the network, search for major dysfunctions and rapid check of hydro-cleaning quality. 
  • TVPM :  A system where a camera installed at extremity of a motorized semi rigid cable, is pushed to inspect sewerage lateral pipes with Internal Diameter as from 80 mm.


Meet Exail at WORLD NUCLEAR EXHIBITION 2021 | Nov. 30 - Dec. 2 | ECA Group solutions for Nuclear

Visit Exail, have a talk with its experts. Exail teams are looking forward to meeting you !

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