2018 | 10 - 11 September

Université d'été de la Défense 2018 | 10 - 11 September | ECA Group partners with the event

ECA Group will be participating in the Université d'été de la Défense taking place in Versailles, in the military camp of Satory on September the 10-11th 2018. This year, ECA Group partners once again with the event.

The "Université de Défense" is an annual event organised under the High Patronage of the President of the French Republic bringing together decision-makers of the French Defense: state, military and industrial stakeholders to envision tomorrow's Defence. ECA Group is proud to be partner of the 16th edition.

Join ECA Group experts at Université d'été de la Défense 2018

For 16 years, the "Université d'été de la Défense" (UED) has been the annual event to set up a dialogue between politicians, defence industrialists and military authorities to exchange opinions, propose solutions and create new opportunities for cooperation in the field of Defence. 

ECA Group at UED 2018

ECA Group solutions presented at Université d'été de la Défense 2018

Robotics & integrated systems

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs)

ECA Group has long expertise in the design and supply of unmanned ground vehicles (UGV). These robotic solutions are dedicated to missions operataed in restrictive or hostile areas.  ECA Group's ground robots are combat-proven and already in service in many armies worldwide for IEDD/EOD, inspection, demining or trap removal operations. Designed to meet the field requirements,  ECA Group UGVs can be quickly deployed and enable to reduce human exposure to danger. Those performant multi-mission UGVs are also appreciated in the civilian sector and equip an increasing number of Civil forces units.

Two mobile and resistant medium size ECA Group UGV specifically designed for EOD/IEDD intervention will help you perform missions in any demanding, confined or hard to reach environment: Cameleon EIguana E. These systems are equip with a plug-and-play system to quickly fit a wide range of different payloads such as manipulator arm, X-RAY systems, disruptors, laser, etc.

ECA Group also provides combat-proven Mini UGVs for EOD and IEDD: COBRA MK2 E designed to answer the requirements of Land Forces to operate on suspect objects. These unmanned ground vehicles are suitable on field to cope with multifaceted threats. The modular architecture and quick deployment capacitiy allows to easily equip different sets of payload including detection, neutralisation or water disruptors, among others.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

ECA Group is engaged in the development and supply of efficient Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to assist Land and Naval Forces with different types of missions such as intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and recognition (ISTAR)

UAVIT180 is also compatible with the use ECA Group's UGV to support OED / IIED operations as it can provide radio relay or real-time view of the intervention. Thanks to its high payload capability of 5 Kg, ECA Group IT180 can carry out mini UGVs (like COBRA MK2 I) on field.

ECA Group IT180 UAV solutions exists in both autonomous or tethered mode for permanent missions. These combat-proven UAV solutions are and in service within several armies throughout the world, including the French Army but find also application in other sector such as aerospace or energy and industry.

Naval Robotic solutions (AUVs / USVs / ROVs)

In order to deisgn systems of drones for the future, ECA Group has engaged in strong R&D efforts. Its latest innovative unmanned solutions is found  in Underwater Mine Counter Measures, with the design of an optimized autonomous solutions to successfully perform missions in a safe way for operators.

Using autonomous and remotely operated vehicles robotic solutions, Unmanned Mine Counter Measures Integrated System UMIS suite, make the most of ECA Group's range of underwater and surface robots within a collaborative drone approach: 

ECA Group systems able to inter-communicate and work together to reduce human exposure to underwater threats. ECA Group developed its Unmanned Mine Counter Measures Integrated System - UMIS,  able to combine in a completely autonomous way, the work of several types of surface and underwater unmanned robots deployed from an USV by a LARS system. The bigest avantage of this system being the fact that the operation can be carried out without any human intervention on the mine field. UMIS is suited for various type of missions, but its capabilities have been successfully demonstrated in particular for the following operations:

  • Coastal protection: The security of coastal and port infrastructures is one of homeland security's main missions.The solution UMIS for Security enables to conduct from a stand-off distance the actions of a fleet of different surface and underwater robots equipped with sensors to detect, prevent or for response actions. It is particularly suited to fight against terrorism, malicious or activism acts.
  • Underwater Mine warfare: From a mother ship in safe waters, operators can manage an underwater mine warfare mission by deploying from a surface vessel, a fleet of AUVs and ROVs: SEASCAN MK2 for Mine identification and classification and the K-STER C mine disposal system for neutralization. UMIS system can collaboratively be used with the embedded Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) of ECA Group's AUV range such as A9-M AUV or A18-M AUV, for missions requiring immediate and quick action.

Discover ECA Group solutions for Underwater Mine Warfare

Training Simulation

Military Driving simulation

ECA Group is also very active in the design and supply of training simulation solutions dedicated to Land forces in order to train their soldiers on their army vehicles. Discover ECA Group’s Military Vehicle Simulator, an armored vehicle full scale replica  of an Army vehicle. This high accuracy and immersiveness driving simulator is able to recreate any missions’ environment. ECA Group simulators are adaptable to fit both autonomous and collaborative training needs. ECA Group driving simulation solutions architecture enable to interconnect several simulators to the same mission scenario allowing to train  at the unit level. Military Vehicle Simulator is adaptable to any type of training and was designed with the help of professionals to offer the best experience possible.

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Meet ECA Group at Université d'été de la Défense 2018 | 10 - 11 September | ECA Group partners with the event

Visit ECA group, have a talk with its experts. ECA Group teams are looking forward to meeting you !

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