2019 | 13 - 15 May

UDT 2019 | 13 - 15 May | ECA Group Naval robotic solutions

Meet ECA Group at UDT 2019, taking place from May 13th to 15th, in Stockholmassan, in Stockhom, Sweden. ECA Group will be welcoming you at its booth F29 to present its latest innovative robotic solutions at sea. A conference about its UMIStm  - Unmanned Maritime Integrated System for MCM - will also be held on May14th.

ECA Group will present on its booth its wide range of robotic - unmanned and remotely operated - systems dedicated to Naval Forces, and will also be part of the speakers during the conference set on May 14th, 4.00pm in theater 3.

UDT 2019


ECA GROUP solutions presented at UDT 2019

For many years, ECA Group has been aiming at developing systems of robots optimized to successfully perform missions in the sector of Oceanography, Hydrography and Underwater Mine Counter Measures, while reducing human exposure to danger at sea.

Come & discover ECA Group's innovative naval drones solutions, as well as its new fully integrated Unmanned Mine Counter Measures Integrated System (UMIS) suite for Mine Warfare.

UMISTM is the unmanned MCM system developed by ECA Group, using a collaborative system of :

All these systems being integrated in the MCM command and control software UMISOFTTM .

This unique system for MCM at sea reduces risks to the personnel, as the manned ship does not have enter into the minefield, and has also proven more efficient and cost-effective than traditional systems.

In March 2019, UMISTM was chosen by the Belgian & Netherlands Navies to replace their legacy MCMVs.


ECA GROUP conference at UDT 2019

Attend ECA Group conference at UDT 2019 on May 14th at Stockholmassën, in Stockholm.  Let's talk about ECA Group's "UMIS – Unmanned Maritime Integrated System" for MCM missions at 4.00pm in Theatre 3.

Unmanned Mine Counter Measures Integrated System (UMISTM) will be discussed.

In the current generation of UMISTM, which is the one selected by the Belgian and Netherlands Navies, the detection and classification is  performed with sonars which are forward-deployed on AUVs or towed byUSVs.

The identification and disposal is performed by ROVs deployed from USVs. It is argued that in the future generation of UMISTM, the AUVs will also take over the identification task and that this will represent another step change in operational performance.

Meet ECA Group at UDT 2019 | 13 - 15 May | ECA Group Naval robotic solutions

Visit ECA group, have a talk with its experts. ECA Group teams are looking forward to meeting you !

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