Attend SOFINS 2021 | 29 June - 01 july | ECA Group Robotic Solutions

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2021 | 29 June - 01 July

SOFINS 2021 | 29 June - 01 july | ECA Group Robotic Solutions

Meet ECA Group at SOFINS 2021, from 29 June - 01 july, in Camp de Souge, to discover its offer of unmanned air, ground and underwater vehicles solutions.

Meet ECA GROUP experts at SOFINS 2021

ECA GROUP will present its offer of unmanned air, ground and underwater drones/vehicles solutions, from 29 June - 01 july in Souge Camp, France. ECA GROUP will display its range of solutions dedicated to Special Forces. Visit Event Official web site

ECA GROUP solutions presented at SOFINS

ECA GROUP offers a wide range of unmanned robotic systems, fully integrated and answering the needs for innovative and effective tools at sea, on land and in the air in the field of Defence and Security. 

ECA GROUP cutting edge solutions are used worldwide by Land forces and are combat proven.


Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV)

At SOFINS, ECA GROUP will exhibit its range of unmanned ground robots (UGV) enables to handle missions for both military and civilian applications, such as IEDD/EOD, demining and trap removal operations. It enables to clear missions even in the most confined areas, thanks to the different sizes of its range: UGV COBRA MK2 ECameleon E & Iguana E.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

For Air surveillance missions, ECA GROUP designs and develops Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). 

ECA GROUP will also present its innovative unmanned aerial vehicles / drones (UAV) IT180 range for ISTAR missions,for Surveillance,  thethered UAV for Permanent Surveillance and tethered UAV for Radio Relaying.


Unmanned robotic systems at sea (AUV / ROV / USV / MIDS)

ECA GROUP offers a wide range of robots are optimized to successfully perform missions in areas of ​Mine Counter Measures, Homeland Security or Search and Rescue. Thses solutions are already used by several renowned Navies.

ECA GROUP offers interoperable systems capable of tackling the most demanding Mine Counter Measures and is the first to materialise the “stand-off concept”: ECA GROUP systems efficiently locate, identify and neutralise underwater threats, while keeping crews at a stand-off distance from the mine field

ECA GROUP will showcase its fully integrated Unmanned MCM Systems (UMISTM) including  naval unmanned autonomous or remotely operated vehicles ranges such as: AUVsROVs and USVs or towed sonars .
UMISTM is the collaborative drone approach developed by ECA GROUP to prepare missions at sea, command and control different drones (each robot having a different role to play) and process and analyze gathered data.. This system is already in use within several navies and will soon equip the Belgian and Royal Dutch navies.
The complete Unmanned MCM Integrated Systems (UMISTM) will be presented with its mission management software suites: UMISOFTTM.  They allow the operator to make the most of the high-quality data gathered on-field and to obtain the most up-to-date situation in real-time ensuring integrity, security and control of the entire system.

Meet ECA Group at SOFINS 2021 | 29 June - 01 july | ECA Group Robotic Solutions

Visit ECA group, have a talk with its experts. ECA Group teams are looking forward to meeting you !

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