Attend POLLUTEC 2021 | 12 - 15 October | ECA GROUP Robotic Solutions for Pipe Inspection

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2021 | 12 - 15 October

POLLUTEC 2021 | 12 - 15 October | ECA GROUP Robotic Solutions for Pipe Inspection

Meet ECA GROUP during Pollutec in Lyon, on October 12th to 15th 2021. Discover our full range of remotely operated robotic solutions for Pipelines inspection & Water boreholes.


Join ECA GROUP experts at POLLUTEC 2021

At the occasion of Pollutec Lyon, ECA GROUP will present its wide range of solutions for pipe and borehole inspection. We offer a wide variety of remotely controlled  and pushed-trough systems to cater any needs for precise and esay inspection works. Come and meet our sales team !

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ECA GROUP solutions to be presented at POLLUTEC 2021


Sewerage and Water Borehole Inspection Robots

ECA GROUP will showcase its full range of remotely-operated systems for Pipeline inspection, measurement, maintenance and repair dedicated for operations in water pipesboreholes and sewerage networks.  

  • Pipe Cruiser: A modular robotic system for inspection of pipes allowing multiple configurations according to the diameter. Designed to draw a precise diagnosis of internal conditions of networks. It also supplies real time pipe slope; deflection measurement and a precise 3D modeling of the pipe networks using LIDAR technology.
  • Mini Pipe Cruiser: A small motorized swivelling head crawler for TV inspection and measurement for confined areas inspection and of pipes respectively from 100mm diameter and 125mm.
  • P pipe Viewer: A portable pushed Rod system of piping for manual TV inspection within a range diameter from 80 to 250 mm
  • TVPM:  A transportable Rod system system for motorized TV inspection operations for piping with a range diameter from 80 to 250 mm and up to 150m length.
  • Z pipe viewer: A portable system for swift diagnosis of sewerage or drinking water lines with internal diameter from 100 to 800 mm. This solution is dedicated to rapid diagnosis of the
    general state of the network, search for major dysfunctions of hydraulic type or structural type, tank inspection and rapid check of hydro-cleaning quality.


Post analysis softwares and cameras

To draw a precise diagnosis of the state of a pipe or a borehole, a performant and user-friendly post-analysis software and cameras are a must-have. Thus, ECA GROUP will also present its range of softwares and cameras compatible with the above systems.


  • Canasoft: A reporting software for sewer networks TV inspection and measurement.
  • Forasoft:  A reporting software for TV inspection of ground water wells.

TV Cameras

  • VS3350 FARR: A twin head TV camera for inspection of gas storage reservoirs 
  • DTR 65 HRC:  a compact swivelling head colour TV camera with built-in lights for inspection of nuclear plant steam generator.
Meet ECA Group at POLLUTEC 2021 | 12 - 15 October | ECA GROUP Robotic Solutions for Pipe Inspection

Visit ECA Group, have a talk with its experts. ECA Group teams are looking forward to meeting you !

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