2019 | 11 - 12 February

MRO MIDDLE EAST 2019 | 11 - 12 February| Ground Support Equipment and Connectivity solutions for Aerospace

Visit ECA Group during MRO MIDDLE EAST 2019, taking place in Dubai, UAE on 11 - 12 February, to discover its wide range of aerospace solutions and more specifically its Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and On-board Electronics solution


Join ECA Group experts at MRO MIDDLE EAST 2019

ECA Group is pleased to welcome you  during MRO Middle Eats, held in Dubaï. Visit our experts to learn more about our solutions for Aerospace and more specifically or Electrical and Mechanical Ground Support Equipment as well as In-Flight Entertainment Connectivity.


ECA Group solutions to be presented at MRO MIDDLE EAST 2019

Specialized in providing solutions for Airlines, MROs and OEMs, Discover ECA Group's latest innovations for:


TP10-A429, ARINC 429 Reader / Transmitter

Both a GSE and a test mean, learn more about ECA Group the compact TP10-A429, ARINC 429 Reader / Transmitter to perform avionics Troubleshooting & Maintenance tasks. Discover its advantages:

  • Large touch screen display
  • Easy-to-use and fast configuration
  • Compactness : portable, lightweight, ergonomic and rugged
  • Integrated standard ARINC 429 database
  • Real time data recording


TC50-eTOOL - Troubleshooting electrical Ground Support Equipment

ECA Group will present its latest  all-in-one electrical troubleshooting Ground Support Equipment the TC50-eTOOL.

This solution is the brand new all-in-one Wire Troubleshooting GSE, co-developed with NICOMATIC. TC50-eTOOL integrates multiple functionalities such as Distance-to-Fault and save critical aircraft operational time. Its "Plug & Play" system makes it an all-in-one toolbox suited for quick diagnosis.

This new ECA Group T-CELL®-based solution is dedicated to aeronautics as it is suitable on most used aircraft cable types for wire testing.

Portable, rugged, battery-powered and user-friendly, TC50-eTOOL offers multiple testing functionalities such as:  

  • Distance-to-fault;
  • Voltage/Current/Resistance measurement;
  • Phase order check;
  • Diode testing;
  • Insulation test;
  • Thermal Imaging for daily electrical troubleshooting operations without any risk of cable alteration.

The Distance-to-fault, one of the key TC50-eTOOL's functionality allows to easily and with a very high level of accuracydetect and locate hard faults (Open circuits and Short circuits).

TC50-eTOOL's user-friendly interface can be displayed on both an included rugged smartphone or any other device, loading the Human Machine Interface through a secured webpage.


Wireless Connectivity solutions

ECA Group will be also introducing its On-Board Electronics range and more specifically its In-Flight Entertainment Connectivity cutting-edge solutions to provide passenger with the best cabin experience:

Discover aWAP and aWAP-MS, the "all-in-one" Server and Wireless Access Point Combination solutions  for a secure and efficient in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity

This Wireless Access Point (WAP) technology uses the highest available Wi-Fi throughput, combined to an embeded  1tb server to store airlines content and optional accessories.

The increased bandwidth offers passengers reliability and efficiency, for improved passenger experience.


ECA Group ELiTe - Emergency Locator Transmitter

ELiTe, the latest aviation's emergency locator transmitter (ELT) be presented. Discover its patented concept :based one transmitter for both configuration (automatic fixed or portable), ensuring cost-effectiveness and implementation security, reliability and simplicity.

"ELiTe" integrates a GPS transmitter as well as an automatic water-activated system, guaranteeing the reliability of its activation and the localization of survivors of an aircraft in distress using the Cospas-Sarsat "Search and Rescue" system. "ELiTe" is granted COSPAS SARSAT type approval both Automatic Fixed and Survival applications


Visit Event Official web site :  MRO Middle East


Meet ECA Group at MRO MIDDLE EAST 2019 | 11 - 12 February| Ground Support Equipment and Connectivity solutions for Aerospace

Visit ECA group, have a talk with its experts. ECA Group teams are looking forward to meeting you !

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