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2019 | 17 - 23 June

International Paris Air Show - SIAE Le Bourget 2019 | 17 -23 June | ECA Group Aerospace & UAVs

Meet ECA Group at International Paris Air Show - Salon International de l’Aéronautique et de l'espace (SIAE) exhibition, from June 17th to 23th 2019, in Paris and discover its offer of Aerospace solutions and UAV systems on its booth F121 - Hall 2B.


At the occasion of the International Paris Air Show - Salon International de l'Aeronautique et de l'espace (SIAE) 2019 exhibition, held in  Paris, Le Bourget Exhibition Center from June 17th to 23rd 2019, ECA Group is pleased to invite you todiscover on its booth F121 - Hall 2B the latest innovative solutions for Aerospace


ECA Group solutions to be presented at SIAE 2019



In the Aerospace sector, ECA Group designs, manufactures, integrates and supports innovative and reliable solutions for both civil and military aviation applications, to get along its customers from production to operation.


Manufacturing and testing solutions

ECA Group provides a range of solutions for manufacturing linesproduction toolselectrical test means and ground services equipment. ECA Group offers comprehensive solutions throughout the product life-cycle, from research and development, to production and to in-service operation and maintenance.


TP10-A429, ARINC 429 Reader / Transmitter

Both a GSE and a testing mean, discover ECA Group TP10-A429, a compact aircraft ARINC 429 Reader / Transmitter designed to perform avionics Troubleshooting & Maintenance tasks.


TC50-eTOOL - Troubleshooting electrical Ground Support Equipment

ECA Group will present its latest  all-in-one electrical troubleshooting Ground Support Equipment,the TC50-eTOOL.

This all-in-one Wire Troubleshooting GSE, co-developed with NICOMATIC integrates multiple functionalities to save critical aircraft operational time. Its "Plug & Play" system and its all-in-one toolbox concept is suited for quick diagnosis.


Wireless Connectivity solutions

ECA Group will also present its On-Board Electronics range and more specifically its In-Flight Entertainment Connectivity cutting-edge solutions to provide passenger with the best cabin experience using the highest available Wi-Fi throughput.

The competencies in the field of Radio-Frequencies (RF), in the space activitie now apply for cabin interior and cockpit environment. Thus, the group develops cutting edge Wireless Access Point (WAP) at the forefront of technology in terms of speed, interfacing or incorporating media server and router function.

Discover aWAP and aWAP-MS, the "all-in-one" Server and Wireless Access Point Combination solutions for a secure and efficient in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity



ECA Group ELiTe - Emergency Locator Transmitter

ECA Group has a considerable expertise in the design, production and maintenance of cutting-edge electronic equipment for hostile environments. Search And Rescue operations are at the heart of ECA Group's committment, with the development of Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT).

ELiTe, the latest aviation's emergency locator transmitter (ELT) patented concept of ECA Group: based one transmitter for both configuration (automatic fixed or portable), ensuring cost-effectiveness and implementation security, reliability and simplicity.


Tracking chain equipments

Based on its skills in Radio frequency ground equipment, ECA Group aims at providing reliable, available, high-performance, competitive equipment solutions.

ECA Group will be presenting its latest innovations in the field and telecommunication & connectivity for Aerospace markets.

Discover the Satellite Link and Payload Simulator PCE 600, a performant and versatile propagation channel emulator.

ECA Group will also showcase its CTR 70, a compact receiver for telecommunication antenna tracking chain.



Aviation simulation

In the Training Simulation for Aerospace, ECA Group offers a full range of solutions for Flight and Maintenance Training. ECA Group has been leading the way for more than 20 years in PC based simulation systems. From Desktop Trainers to Full Flight Simulators, ECA Group training tools are used worldwide by Airlines, Training Centers and Aviation schools.

ECA Group will showcase its full range of Flight simulation solutions on tablet. These solutions were designed to answer the need for an effecient training tool, for both students and instructors, and offers cost-effective but very accurate cockpit like environment simulation. These certified solutions are equipped with official manufacturers data package.

Discover the Touch Screen Trainer solution for Flight simulation.


Robotics & Integrated Systems

For many years, ECA Group is focusing on robust R&D efforts in developing systems of robots. Its robots are optimized to successfully perform missions in a collaborative way. Discover its UAV and UGV solutions and how they can collaborate together during operations.


UAV solutions

For Air surveillance missions, ECA Group designs and develops Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

ECA Group will also present its innovative  drone (UAV) IT180 range Airborne Monitoring and Survey for various applications, in fieds of Defence, Homeland Security or Civil protection.




UGV solutions

ECA Group’s has a long expertise in the design of unmanned ground robots (UGV). Its systems are able to carry out a wide range of missions in harsh and confined environments, including luggage compartments in planes or for indoor interventions.

Discover also the Iguana E, a medium size UGC specifically design for IEDD/EOD, demining and trap removal operations. Equipped with ECA Group's unique "plug and play" system allows to quickly equip and deploy the UGV with sensors fitted for the mission.


Visit the event website: Salon International de l'Aeronautique et de l'espace

Meet Exail at International Paris Air Show - SIAE Le Bourget 2019 | 17 -23 June | ECA Group Aerospace & UAVs

Visit Exail, have a talk with its experts. Exail teams are looking forward to meeting you !

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