IFAT 2018 | 14 - 18 May | ECA Group Pipelines & Water boreholes inspection solutions

IFAT 2018 | 14 - 18 May | ECA Group Pipelines & Water boreholes inspection solutions

ECA Group will be participating at IFAT 2018 held at Messe Muenchen in Munich from 14 – 18th May 2018. Come & Meet ECA Group experts to discover a wide offer of solutions for Pipelines & Water boreholes inspection.

Wednesday, April 25 2018 - Energy & Industrial Equipment
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Join ECA Group experts at IFAT 2018 - Booth BOOTH C3.303

ECA Group will welcome you from 14 – 18th May, during IFAT 2018, held at the Messe Muenchen in Munich. On its booth C3.303, you will discover ECA Group' solutions for Pipelines inspection & Water boreholes.

Meet ECA Group at IFAT 2018

ECA Group solutions to be presented at IFAT 2018

ECA  Group provides innovative high tech and resilient solutions to meet the needs for inspection, measurement & maintenance/repair within various water networks, mostly related to waste waters (sewerage) but also to drinking water, (water pipes and sewerage networks) industrial utilities or large bore pipe works (boreholes). ECA Group operates at the cutting edge of technology and provides a wide range of solutions, offering remotely controlled vehicles which run inside pipes and carry out the required trenchless works.

Robotic solutions for inspection, measurement & maintenance/repair within water networks

Its solutions for TV inspection of industrial water pipes will be presented, including three systems with motorized trolley, two systems with camera being pushed inside pipe by a semi-rigid cable mounted on a coiler, as well as  its possible arrangement within dedicated vans.

  • Pipe Cruiser: A modular robotic system for inspection of pipes from 150 to 2000 mm allowing multiple configurations according to the diameter. It allows to draw a precise diagnosis of internal conditions of networks. This solution is operable with a swivelling head TV camera equipped with zoom & mounted on a multidirectional trolley. It is also able to supply pipe slope and deflection measurement in real time.
  • Mini Pipe Cruiser: A small motorized crawler for TV inspection and measurement of confined areas with dimensions from 100 to 400 mm. It comes with a MDX system version for TV inspection of drinking water lines.
  • P pipe Viewer: is a portable system for TV inspection by pushed Rod system of piping with a range diameter from 80 to 250 mm - manual operation.
  • Pipeline Inspector: A specially profiled ROV to operate inside plants of large industrial water pipes.
  • Z pipe viewer: A  portable system for swift diagnosis of drinking water lines with Internal Diameter from 100 to 800 mm. This solution is dedicated to rapid diagnosis of the general state of the network, search for major dysfunctions of hydraulic type or structural type, tank inspection and rapid check of hydro-cleaning quality. This solution allows a single operator to carry out a high quality inspection in total safety.
  • TVPM :  A system where a camera installed at extremity of a motorized semi rigid cable, is pushed to inspect sewerage lateral pipes with Internal Diameter as from 80 mm.

Robotic solutions for inspection & measurement within large bore pipes

ECA Group provides innovative high tech and resilient solutions to meet the needs for inspection or measurement within various types of boreholes and for the 3D representation of underground cavities or sinkholes. Specialised in the design and manufacture of robotic systems, ECA Group' solutions are dedicated to the inspection, measurement & control inside non visitable wells.

Mounted on an arranged vehicle, or used as a portable system, BH VIEWER systems can be operated through FORASOFT software for the edition of a professional TV inspection report. The software package drives a program of automatic laser data collection, in spherical or cylindrical mode.

Thanks to its compatibility with the logging probes supplied by the main international manufacturers, the BH VIEWER systems offer a complete solution for the diagnosis of water boreholes.
ECA Group's range of BH Viewer includes :

  • BH Viewer 200 for inspection up to 200 m diameter ranging from 50 mm.
  • BH Viewer 500 for inspection up to 500 m of wells with a diameter from 50mm to 1200 mm.
  • BH Viewer 2000 for inspection up to 2000 m.
  • BH VIEWER 3D allowing TV inspection and 3D laser measurement of underground cavities, up to 500 m deep, from a 100 mm inner diameter borehole.


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