2019 | 17 - 21 February

IDEX 2019 | 17 - 21 February | ECA Group Unmanned Systems

Meet ECA Group at IDEX 2019, from February 17th to 21st, in Abu Dhabi and discover its range of unmanned robots for all operational environments (Air / Land / Sea).

The International Defence Exhibition and Conference, IDEX, is the most strategically important tri-service defence exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa region. At this occasion, ECA Group will present its UNMANNED SYSTEMS offer - air, ground and naval drones – as well as its NAVAL ARCHITECTURE capabilities with its subsidiary MAURIC

ECA Group solutions presented at IDEX 2019

ECA Group designs & offers a wide range of unmanned robotic systems, fully integrated and answering the needs for innovative and effective tools at sea, on land and in the air in the field of Defence and Security. ECA Group cutting edge solutions are used worldwide by Land forces and navies. ECA Group solutions are combat proven.


Air-Land robotics

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV)

ECA Group is committed in designing and providing state of the art robotic systems able to operate in harsh environment. At IDEX, its range of unmanned ground robots (UGV) will be presented. These solutions enable to handle missions for both military and civilian applications including

  • CBRN
  • Demining
  • Trap removal operations
  • Trap removal operations

These modular robotic solutions enable to complete missions and to counter emerging threats even in the most confined areas, thanks to its comprehensive UGV range: COBRA MK2 ECameleon E & Iguana E.

Available with a large panel of payloads, these UGVs can be quickly deployed on field thanks to a unique "Plug and play system".


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

For Air surveillance missions, ECA Group designs and develops Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) IT180 range designed for ISTAR missions, for Surveillance,  thethered UAV for Permanent Surveillance or Radio Relaying

The IT180 UAV is combat proven since it is deployed within several Armed Forces.


Naval robotics & architecture

Unmanned robotic systems at sea (AUV / ROV / USV / MIDS)

ECA Group robots are optimized to successfully perform missions in areas of ​Mine Counter MeasuresHomeland SecurityOceanography and Hydrography and are already used by several renowned Navies.

At IDEX, ECA Group will display its fully integrated Unmanned Maritime Systems (UMISTM) including  naval unmanned autonomous or remotely operated vehicles ranges such as: AUVsROVs and USVs or towed sonars .
UMISTM is the collaborative drone approach developed by ECA Group to prepare missions at sea, command and control different drones (each robot having a different role to play) and process and analyze gathered data.
The complete Unmanned Maritime and Integrated Systems (UMISTM) will be presented with its mission management software suites: UMISOFTTM.  They allow the operator to make the most of the high-quality data gathered on-field and to obtain the most up-to-date situation in real-time ensuring integrity, security and control of the entire system.


Naval Architecture

To meet the increasing demand from navies and other professional maritime operators, ECA Group and naval architect MAURIC combined their respective areas of expertise to develop innovative turnkey solutions for Mine Counter Measures:  OCTOPODA – the latest generation of MCMV designs.
OCTOPODA is a range of ship designs specifically adapted for mine clearance missions at sea using unmanned systems.

This surface vessel has defined typical configurations for unmanned systems dedicated to mine warfare, based on ECA Group’s UMISTM system. 


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Meet ECA Group at IDEX 2019 | 17 - 21 February | ECA Group Unmanned Systems

Visit ECA group, have a talk with its experts. ECA Group teams are looking forward to meeting you !

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