2018 | 11 - 15 June

EUROSATORY 2018 | 11 - 15 June | ECA Group Air-Land Robotics & Driving Simulation Solutions

Meet ECA Group experts on booth B248, in Hall 5A, during Eurosatory 2018, taking place in Paris Parc des Expositions Nord Villepinte from June 11th to 15th. We will be presenting our latest Unmanned Air-Land Robotics solutions and Driving Simulator ranges dedicated to Defence & Security applications.

Meet ECA Group experts at EUROSATORY 2018

At the occasion of the Eurosatory exhibition, held in Paris from 11th to 15th June 2018 (Parc des Expositions - Nord Villepinte), ECA Group is pleased to invite you to come and discover our latest innovative solutions in the field of air-land robotics and Training simulation. Meet us on booth B248, (Hall 5A).

ECA Group at EUROSATORY 2018

ECA Group solutions presented at EUROSATORY 2018

The ECA Group is renowned for its expertise in robotics, automated systems, simulation and industrial processes. Ever since 1936 it has been developing complete innovative technological solutions to perform complex missions in hostile or restrictive environments. Its products are used by a demanding international clientele requiring the highest levels of safety and efficiency.

During your visit, ECA Group will present its Air-Land offer:

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV)

In the area of land robotics, ECA Group designs Unmanned Ground Vehicles to perform various missions in confined areas. ECA Group's UGVs allows use for both military and civilian applications, such as IED/EOD, demining and trap removal operations. These combat proven ECA Group' systems are quick to deploy, interoperable.

ECA Group will display its ground robots range, including mini and medium-size UGVs such as: UGV COBRA MK2CAMELEON  and the latest generation IGUANA. These robots are in mission within several Police and Army units in France and other countries.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

ECA Group has also a solid expertise in the design of combat-proven Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for missions such as surveillance, target acquisition and recognition (ISTAR missions) or electronic intelligence missions (SIGINT / IMINT).

ECA Group UAVs supports EOD / IED operations by providing operators with radio relay or real-time view of the intervention, as part of a collaborative scenario with ECA Group’s UGVs. This UAV IT180 is in mission within French Army in Mali and within several other army corps throughout the world.

Training Driving Simulators

As a pioneer in the driving simulation industry, ECA Group provides cutting-edge technology driving simulators. From light to heavy vehicles, ECA Group offers a wide range of solutions for both military and civilian applications. Simulators are equipped with tailored software and hardware specifically designed to meet customer’s requirements. ECA Group’s simulators can be networked to train on collaborative or joint scenarios, to share the same mission’s environment.

During Eurosatory, several simulators will be on display on ECA Group booth and available for demonstration, such as the new range of Emergency Driving simulators: EF EMERGENCY.

Emergency Driving simulation

ECA Group developed a new range of Emergency Driving simulators, named "EF Emergency" to answer the needs in term of driving training simulation in Defence activities. Urgent interventions are the daily life of military personnel who need to reach their destination the quickest possible while dealing with many constraints. To meet these requirements and ensure a quality post-licenses training for this particular type of driving, EF Emergency solutions are designed to increase the proficiency of emergency response drivers and riders.

Military Driving Simulation

Meet our team and learn also more about ECA Group’s Military Vehicle Simulator (MVS), a replica of an armored vehicle, built in full scale. ECA Group military simulators are designed to also conduct tactical trainings and convoy missions.


ECA Group will also present its latest Land forces Logistics Heavy Vehicle simulator for convoy missions developed as part of the Scorpion program dedicated to the French Army's  preparation for commitment system (SPE). ECA took part to a collective simulation by implementing an Army Logistics Heavy Vehicle simulator, to fit into a virtual convoy driven by an Army logistics fighter.

Discover ECA Group' simulator EF-Truck NG


ECA Group on-booth Live Demonstration at EUROSATORY





ECA Group teams will be presenting its latest generation UGV, the IGUANA E. This two-man portable ground robot was designed to be modular and thus allows to be fitted with 2 different size of arms (Plug&Play) to adapt any operational need in terms of compacity & capabilities. The IGUANA E provides a complete & progressive answer to the CBRNe threat by being able to carry simultaneously various EOD/IEDD & CBRN payloads (Plug&Play).




ECA Group, a specialist in simulators, has been developing a complete range of emergency driving simulators to provide a high level of performance to train armed forces and civil protection units.

ECA Group’s training simulation solutions provide post-license training and assessment for drivers. These simulators offer precise vehicle modeling with full pedagogy in an immersive virtual environment.


Meet ECA Group team at EUROSATORY 2018

Visit us, have a talk with our experts. We are looking forward to meeting you!


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Meet ECA Group at EUROSATORY 2018 | 11 - 15 June | ECA Group Air-Land Robotics & Driving Simulation Solutions

Visit ECA group, have a talk with its experts. ECA Group teams are looking forward to meeting you !

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