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2022 | 28 - 31 March

DSA 2022 | 28 - 31 March | ECA Group Solutions

Meet ECA Group at DSA, in Kuala Lumpur to discover its solutions at sea.


ECA Group will be pleased to welcome you on STAND 6036D to present its unmanned Robotic systems for defence and security applications.

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ECA Group is one of the world leaders in Mine Counter Measure (MCM) systems. We provide field-proven innovative solutions to perform complex missions in harsh or hostile conditions, in all operational environments: Air – Land - Sea. We provide customer-tailored solutions adapted to any operational situation, from turnkey integrated unmanned systems, solutions to modernise or support armed forces capabilities to mission-specific standalone drones. ECA Group supports armed forces worldwide, enabling them to succeed in their missions while ensuring the safety of their personnel.


ECA Group solutions to be presented at DSA 2022

ECA Group will be showcasing a comprehensive range of integrated unmanned systems at Sea.


MINE COUNTER MEASURES AT SEA: Detect - Classify - Identify - Neutralise

ECA GROUP offers interoperable systems capable of tackling the most demanding Mine Counter Measures. The first to materialise the stand-off concept, where crews and equipment stay away from the danger zone, ECA GROUP has developed an advanced comprehensive system, Unmanned Mine Counter Measures Integrated System UMISTM, composed of a range of drones (USVs, UUVs, ROVs and towed sonar) that fulfil all phases of mine clearance missions at sea: detection, classification, identification and neutralisation.

ECA GROUP is also able to modernise and upgrade MCM vessels by supplementing unmanned systems progressively, while maintaining compatibility with the existing, modernised equipment and new, integrated drones.



Submarine equipment & Protection

ECA Group offers a wide range of equipment that can operate in challenging environments, including equipment for ships, submarines and their crew: it ranges from platform management, to control & command systems, as well as propulsion & energy systems.


Magnetic Risk Management

As a precaution against magnetic mines, reducing magnetisation helps protect vessels. ECA Group offers deperming and degaussing systems to manage vessels’ signature.


Propulsion & Energy Converters for submarine

ECA Group's propulsion and energy conversion solutions are sea proven and in service within several navies. These highly robust systems can be integrated onto different platforms - nuclear or conventional – and are compatible with any type of submarine design.

The integration of complex electrical networks and use of the latest technologies, such as silicon carbide chips, guarantee unparalleled performance and operators’ safety.


Steering & Diving Consoles & Simulators

ECA Group is also an expert of Steering and Diving Consoles, a generic sea proven product that manages the 3D motion of submarines, by controlling diving planes and rudder. Its open and modular architecture allows the consoles to be adaptable to any submarine design and integrates the laws of silent piloting.

Increasing the performance, skills and capabilities of the crews, ECA Group’s simulators recreate accurately the equipment's behaviour as in real underwater conditions. Crews can thus learn how to fix breakdowns without damaging the submarine, which better ensures experience and anticipation of potential technical difficulties and risks.


Meet Exail at DSA 2022 | 28 - 31 March | ECA Group Solutions

Visit Exail, have a talk with its experts. Exail teams are looking forward to meeting you !

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