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2022 | 01 - 02 June

CANSEC 2022 | 1 - 2 June | ECA Group Solutions

ECA GROUP will be pleased to welcome you on stand n°909 during CANSEC, in Ottawa from June 1 - 2, 2022, to present its range of unmanned robotic solutions for defence & security applications.


Join ECA GROUP experts at CANSEC on stand n°909

ECA GROUP will be pleased to welcome you at CANSEC, to present its range of unmanned robotic solutions for all operational environments.

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ECA GROUP solutions to be presented on CANSEC

At the occasion of CANSEC, ECA Group will present its range of integrated unmanned systems in the field of defence and security.


Naval Robotics

In the naval field, ECA Group offers a wide range of innovative and comprehensive technological solutions to face current and future challenges. Constantly innovating to improve the capabilities and performance of its systems, ECA Group supports the Naval Forces to carry out ever more complex missions in hostile or restrictive environments.

ECA Group offers interoperable systems capable of tackling the most demanding Mine CounterMeasures. The first to materialise the stand-off concept, meaning that it places both crews and equipment away from the danger zone, ECA Group has developed a comprehensive system composed of a range of drones that fulfil all phases of mine clearance missions at sea: detection, classification, identification and neutralisation.

Already in use within several navies, ECA Group systems efficiently locate and identify underwater threats, while allowing crews to stay at a stand-off distance from the minefield.


UMISTM – MCM turnkey solution

UMISTM the Unmanned MCM Integrated System is an innovative and complete robotic system dedicated to MCM, composed of ECA Group naval drones (USVs, UUVs, ROVs,) and towed sonars. Operations are conducted via a unique interface, using an advanced Command & Control System as well as a dedicated software suite, UMISOFTTM.

UMISOFTTMenables to manage parallel drones missions, robot-from/on-robot deployment (such as USV deploying and retrieving a UUV) as well as automatic launch and recovery systems (LARS from USVs) and can be integrated into the combat management system (CMS) of the vessel (MCMV).

UMISTM is scalable and can be integrated onboard specialised vessels or non-dedicated ships. Its containerised version, UMIS in the Box, can be deployed from the ships or directly from shore since it is both road and air transportable.

Carrying, deploying and recovering autonomous underwater vehicles by surface drones significantly increases the navies’ range and speed of action, which is otherwise limited by their onboard energy.

It is the ideal solution for Navies and Homeland Protection operators engaged in battlefields and survey or intervention missions at sea.


Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs)

Discover ECA GROUP's range of unmanned ground robots (UGV).

Able to perform missions for both military and civilian applications, such as IEDD/EOD, CBRN, mine-clearance and trap removal operations, even in the most confined areas, these modular solutions' range of application is very wide thanks to its  easy "plug & play" module system.

Its range  goes from small size to medium size UGV : from COBRA MK2 C to bigger UGVs such as the Cameleon E & the Iguana E.

Discover also the UGV based solution MAMBA, a complete vehicle solution to quickly and efficiently achieve all IEDD/EOD operations. The vehicle contains the Cameleon E, the COBRA MK2 E and a set of EOD accessories for rapid deployment.

Discover also ECA GROUP's LEMIR Counter-IED and counter-mine modular system for vehicle self-protection. LEMIR is equipped with devices to defeat a large range of VOIED and buried land mines. The system can be embedded on the front of military vehicles and support high speed, thus preserving the tactical mobility of convoys.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

For Air surveillance, ECA GROUP has developed a range of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) designed to perform intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and recognition (ISTAR) missions. The IT180 UAVs can be used autonomously or in a tethered mode for permanent missions. This solution has numerous users, one of them being the French Army, since 2016.


Meet Exail at CANSEC 2022 | 1 - 2 June | ECA Group Solutions

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