Water Pipes

Inspect, Maintain & Repair Water Networks with latest Robotics Technologies.

ECA Group provides all over the world innovative high tech and resilient solutions to meet the need for inspection, measurement and maintenance/repair within the various water networks, mostly related to waste waters (sewerage) but also to drinking water, industrial utilities, or large bore works. ECA Group operates at the cutting edge of technology and provides a wide range of solutions, offering remote controlled vehicles which run inside the pipes and carry out the required trenchless works.

Trenchless Works
Trenchless Works

Discover ECA Group Hytec™ solution for trenchless maintenance works on industrial networks: PIPE-R, a motorized...

TV Inspection of Industrial Networks
TV Inspection of Industrial Networks

Discover the ECA Group Hytec™, range of solutions for the TV inspection of industrial networks ; range includes...

TV Inspection of Water Inlet and Outlet
TV Inspection of Water Inlet and Outlet

Discover the ECA Group Hytec™ range of solutions for the TV inspection of water inlets & outlets; range includes...

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Specialised in the design and manufacture of robotic systems, ECA Group produces innovative and high tech solutions for the inspection, measurement  & control inside non visitable water pipes.

In a high tech evolving market, ECA Group delivers a wide range of capable remote controlled systems that are used for a variety of tasks within the water pipes field. With this capability, ECA Group is making a significant contribution to solve the worldwide problem of shortage of water and ground pollution due to spillage from waste water networks.

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Meet ECA Group during SIEE Pollutec in Alger's Safex Expo center, from February 11st to 14th 2019, on its booth...

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ECA Group awarded a 4M€ contract by Sonatrach ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group has been awarded a service contract from the Algerian state-owned oil group Sonatrach for the Arzew natural...

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