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Water Pipes

Inspect, Maintain & Repair Water Networks with latest Robotics Technologies.

ECA Group provides all over the world innovative high tech and resilient solutions to meet the need for inspection, measurement and maintenance/repair within the various water networks, mostly related to waste waters (sewerage) but also to drinking water, industrial utilities, or large bore works. ECA Group operates at the cutting edge of technology and provides a wide range of solutions, offering remote controlled vehicles which run inside the pipes and carry out the required trenchless works.

Pipe Cruiser
Pipe Cruiser

Discover the Pipe Cruiser system for confined areas inspection with dimensions from 150 to 2000 mm.


Discover the ECA Group TVPM, a system where the camera, installed at extremity of a motorized semi rigid cable, is...

Z Pipe Viewer MK2
Z Pipe Viewer MK2

Discover the Z Pipe Viewer MK2 a portable system for swift diagnosis of drinking water lines with ID from 100 to 800 mm.

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Specialised in the design and manufacture of robotic systems, ECA Group produces innovative and high tech solutions for the inspection, measurement  & control inside non visitable water pipes.

In a high tech evolving market, ECA Group delivers a wide range of capable remote controlled systems that are used for a variety of tasks within the water pipes field. With this capability, ECA Group is making a significant contribution to solve the worldwide problem of shortage of water and ground pollution due to spillage from waste water networks.

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