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Power, Testing & Surveillance Equipment for Transport Industries.

ECA Group provides a wide range of innovative solutions for the Rail industry. Offering solutions to train manufacturers and providing robotic options that include surveillance and protection of the railways, ECA Group has the answer. Using cutting edge proven technology, ECA Group’s effective systems readily meet the high demands of the rail Industry.

Inspection, Protection
Inspection, Protection

Based on its proven UAV / airborne drones ECA Group offers various solutions for Infrastructure Protection, Technical...

Systems & Equipment Railways
Systems & Equipment Railways

ECA Group provides its expertize and systems and equipment for railways such as Power Distribution and Conversion,...

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Rail industry has strong needs of efficiency and reliability for all equipment to be integrated in trains, tubes or tramways. ECA Group has been a specialist of technologies for power distribution and conversion for tens of years. The ECA Group solutions of power conversion integrate all technologies developed in the years for different transportation industries. These solutions are installed on different trains from several manufacturers and ECA Group is specialized in modernization of the equipment when components are obsolete or customer requires more performance in same space. Based on systems provided to different markets, ECA Group offers its control systems for rail industry. Reliability, robustness and efficiency are the key words which define ECA Group control systems.

ECA Group provides adapted solutions for assembly lines to trains manufacturers. ECA Group specialists are capable to specify the best process to assemble railways cars. In cooperation with the manufacturer teams, ECA Group engineers define the adapted flexible assembly line for manufacturing the trains cars.

ECA Group is also specialized in mission on-board equipment for trains such as event recorders. These equipment benefit from all experience acquired by ECA Group teams in transportation markets such as aerospace.

ECA Group robotic cutting edge technologies are of great interest for surveillance or inspection of rail infrastructures mainly railways. ECA Group air drones are particularly adapted for railways surveillance. They are endurant, silent, are equipped for day and night vision and the tethered versions provide permanent surveillance without any risk for the infrastructures.

ECA Group engineers have been working for Railways industry for more than 20 years. Engineers have designed control & monitoring equipment, video surveillance systems, assembly lines, inspection and surveillance vehicles for trains manufacturers and railways managers. Thus, ECA Group can fulfill the specific requirements of that industry for inspection, control, monitoring systems or electrical power & control systems. These solutions benefit of the numerous years of experience of ECA Group teams in automatized, robotic and inspection systems. They also integrate technological modules developed by ECA Group teams for other industries.

With ECA Group, Rail Industry relies on a long time partner which enhances the capabilities and cost effectiveness for manufacturing cars as well as it can rely on the latest robotic technologies for surveillance and inspection.

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