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Design & Mechanical Engineering of Assembly Station and Logistic Platforms

ECA Group has great capabilities in mechanical engineering with experience in Assembly station and logistics platform design and development, production tooling and mechanical GSE tooling. This knowledge and know-how is combined with unique products in electronic ground testing tools and on-board equipment. These skills allow ECA Group to offer manufacturers of the aerospace industry unique technical solutions and improve production cycles and maintenance operations of their customers.

Aerospace Assembly Lines
Aerospace Assembly Lines

ECA Group integrates assembly lines, from design to turnkey project delivery, for aircraft FAL, Pre-FAL,...

Aerospace Jigs & Tools
Aerospace Jigs & Tools

ECA Group designs special tools based on customers' specification (build-to-spec), dedicated to aerospace equipment...

ALM / Additive layer Manufacturing
ALM / Additive layer Manufacturing

ECA Group in partnership with Prodways specialized in ALM Manufacturing, designs and manufactures tailored Aerospace...

Customized Electrical Test means
Customized Electrical Test means

ECA Group designs and manufactures innovative Aerospace Customized Electrical Test means for aircraft maintenance and...

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ECA Group has over 30-year experience working closely with the aerospace industry manufacturers of :

  • Aircraft (fixed and rotary wing)
  • Aircraft Engines
  • Aircraft Structures
  • Avionics and Systems
  • Satellites


ECA Group has developed innovative solutions for :

  • Assembly station development and building
  • Workshops, logistics platforms and production tooling
  • Functional testing systems and test benches
  • Ground testing tools
  • On-board equipment.


With a team of very experienced project managers supported by dedicated electronics, software and mechanical design offices, ECA group can take on considerable projects, manage associated risks to deliver on time and quality major facilities and innovative systems for the main manufacturers of the aerospace industry. Our capabilities in both on-board equipment and test solutions gives ECA Group a unique knowledge and know-how on the aircraft environment. Our technical support is second-to-none.

ECA Group masters assembly station development and building. We understand all aircraft pre-FAL processes and offer innovative solutions at every stage of pre-FAL building: from the pre-FAL initial design stage to its full completion. We offer flexible workshops, logistics platforms and complete construction mechanical tools and help analyze, design and optimize lean manufacturing processes and procedures. ECA Group designs prototypes, test benches and carries out full process feasibility study. We supply full turnkey process (manual and automated). ECA Group supplies specific solutions (drilling, riveting) as well as plant transfer planning. Our solutions ensure productivity improvement and better production cycles.

As an example, ECA Group aerospace hub supplied the new ATR FAL full assembly station and construction tooling as well as all associated electronics testing means and mechanical GSE. It enabled ATR to meet its objectives of aircraft production cycle improvements as required by their customers. ECA Group T-Cell technology is used to develop complete electronic functional testing systems for the aerospace industry. T-Cells are interchangeable and compact modules used to design multifunction testing systems. T-Cell Testing systems are composed of compact and mobile cabinets that can easily be moved around the aircraft. This ensures :

  • Great flexibility as they can be used in fixed or mobile configurations. T-cells modularity also ensures that the system can easily be adapted to new manufacturing process and upgraded without impacting the system general architecture. Also, productivity is improved as time spent on wiring is considerably reduced
  • Better use of working space in a confined environment supporting coactivity during manufacturing process and improving health and safety for ground personnel.
  • Easy maintainability as T-Cells are self-maintainable. T-cells are rugged hot-plug modules that can be replaced in less than one minute. T-Cells also guarantee over 98% product availability.
  • Easier testability enabled by embedded testability functions with a dedicated HMI
  • A system adapted to the aerospace environment benefitting from ECA experience with the main manufacturers of the aerospace industry
  • Obsolescence management by mastering critical component usage and software upgrades.


ECA Group can also offer a complete range of innovative testing tools. In particular, we can use T-Cells used on the aircraft test bench to build easy-to-use portable GSE testing tools. We provided the complete package of ground testing tools for the A350 XWB FAL. T-Cells can be used in mobile and battery-powered GSE testing tools as they are compact modules and have a low electrical consumption.

ECA Group aerospace has great experience in developing on-board equipment for major aerospace manufacturers such as Airbus Helicopters, Dassault, Safran The company is certified ISO9001 and EN9100. We continuously work to improve our technology and products and invest considerable time in research and development to make sure we always deliver cutting edge technology as well as the most advanced and viable solutions to our customers.

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