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Our integrated driver training program addresses basic to advanced topics including backing, parking, docking, risky situations, crash avoidance with other vehicles, pedestrians and animals, as well as driving in adverse weather, at night, hauling oversize / overweight loads, and much more.

A virtual instructor narrates the lesson and walks the driver through the exercise, while providing verbal, written and icon feedback. The software offers dense traffic interaction, which exposes the driver to driving on challenging, modern roadways, and practice scenarios can be created in seconds!

The EF-Truck NG simulator hardware is superior in form and function to competitive systems in many ways.  

EF-Truck NG Simulator

  • Elevated, open-air cab design includes step up and safety handles for practicing entry and exit
  • Actual OEM truck components and systems including full steering column assembly and hand controls, and pedals
  • Tilt and telescopic steering wheel adjustability
  • Integrated, high-fidelity motion system pitches, rolls and lifts the entire cab with realistic engine rumble, curb strikes and more
  • Innovative cab incorporates steel frame and chassis with premium quality components – no wood, wood by-products, or cheap components are used anywhere in the production of the system
  • High fidelity, motorized force-feedback steering provides realistic steering feel, which can be adjusted to simulate varying levels of power steering input, depending on the truck model and preference 
  • Reconfigurable “glass dash” LCD instrument panel, and touch screen dashboard displays instruments, gauges, indicator lights, and switches
  • Shift multi-speed synchronized, non-synchronized, automatic and semi-automatic transmissions
  • The EF-Truck NG simulator is able to run on one, high-performance PC with premium graphics card, which increases reliability and efficiency
  • 5.1 stereo sound system with Doppler affect

5.1 Stereo Sound System EF-Truck NG Simulator

Designed to Eliminate Simulator Sickness

Simulators have long been used to increase training efficiency and effectiveness for many types of air, land and sea equipment. However, there is an endemic problem for various kinds of simulators, and that is the propensity for some operators to get motion sickness when using a simulator.

This is a notable problem for many people, which obviously limits a simulator’s usability and training effectiveness.  Obviously, if you can’t use your simulator without getting sick, you can’t use it for driver training. 

However, through a series of hardware and software design modifications, our EF-Truck NG has been engineered to greatly reduce, and in most cases, eliminate motion sickness for its users. This is a significant achievement that allows for a much greater utilization of our NG simulator as a training tool.   

High-Fidelity Motion System

We offer the most realistic motion system available that features high frequency, electronic servos, which when combined with our vehicle dynamics modeling and simulation system accurately mimics the acceleration, braking, steering of an actual truck.  It even simulates the rumble of the diesel engine, road imperfections, curb strikes and more, which makes driving in the simulator a very naturalistic experience.

High-Fidelity Motion System EF-Truck NG Simulator

Premier Construction

Carefully inspect the build quality of other truck simulators on the market, and what you find may surprise you. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to use plywood flooring, compressed wood for the monitor housing, the shifter box, and even dashboards among other things in the production of their equipment. Wood in any form can warp and degrade over time. 

EF-Truck NG Simulator EF-Truck NG Simulator

In addition, look for cheaper plastics and other low grade materials in comparable simulators, and you will likely find plenty those, too.  However, our EF-Truck NG incorporates superior materials and workmanship.  This results in a robust system that is beautiful to look at, but will perform reliably for years to come.

EF-Truck NG Simulator

EF-Truck NG Simualator

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