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Eca Group UAV Airborne Drone Rental Services


For those of our customers who are willing to be more autonomous in the way the UAVs are operated for their own purposes, ECA offers short or long term rental plans.

This service includes the UAV equipment, the relevant payload(s), a customized training plan and, as needed, options for ECA certified operator availability in case an overlap period of coaching is requested, on the field. Maintenance plans adapted to the rental duration and geographical location are set up.

Practically, we first agree on an initial period of rental, we prepare the logistics specifics, the training plans are prepared and executed before the actual rental period begins. After the initial rental period starts, it may be extended within short notice by customer.

At any time within the rental period, additional UAV(s) may be provided if more capacity is required and our customers are eligible to privileged economic conditions for buying the UAV system they are using or a brand new one. The latter option is also a way for our customers to get familiar with the value brought by our UAVs, without too much of an upfront expense.


ECA Group Rental Services related to UAVs IT180

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