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In the Naval Forces domain ECA Group offers a wide range of innovative solutions that will meet tomorrow’s naval challenges. Using cutting edge technology ECA Group delivers effective interoperable systems and specialist equipment. These greatly enhance capability and performance of naval forces in the most complex and challenging of environments.

T18-M / Towed sonar
T18-M / Towed sonar

T18-M is a self-powered towed interferometric synthetic aperture sonar (SAS) for Real Time Detection, Classification...

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For today’s Naval Forces ECA Group offers a wide range of innovative and specialist solutions.  Using state of the art technology ECA Group delivers effective systems and equipment that enhance capability and performance in the most complex of environments.

In the area of underwater Mine Warfare the challenge is to keep the man out of the minefield.  ECA Group offers mission driven interoperable systems capable of tackling the most demanding Mine Warfare missions.  A widely acclaimed pioneer in this field ECA Group’s highly skilled personnel have considerable experience in underwater robotic technology and offer innovative automated systems.  ECA Group’s advanced underwater Mine Warfare systems can detect classify locate identify and destroy the underwater threat.  Deployed either stand alone or from manned and unmanned platforms they can carry a broad range of payloads, provide complete sensor choice and benefit from common operating systems and training.

For Naval Forces the collection of time-critical information is a vital necessity.  ECA Group’s automated systems avoid labour intensive dedicated overt platforms and provide a covert Rapid Environmental Assessment collection facility.  In today’s threat environment interoperability is essential.  ECA Group’s systems are integrated and allow interoperation with ECA Group’s surface and aerial unmanned components, providing rapid three dimensional representation of the maritime theatre of operations.

Search and Rescue systems provide an exceptional capability.  With no limitation on endurance or depth ECA Group’s remotely operated unmanned systems are able to operate in all environments providing a rapid effective investigation and search capability.

This technology is also used in the field of intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance.  These operations are by nature covert and are greatly improved by the use of autonomous systems.

In addition to supplying robotic systems, ECA Group supplies a number of Systems & Equipment for Submarines as well as Surface Ships.  These range from platform management to command and control systems and propulsion and energy systems.

Underwater acoustic and electromagnetic signatures expose naval forces to the threat of detection, classification and localisation.  There is therefore a need for signature management systems to reduce the risk.  ECA Group’s modular ranging systems have been developed to meet the MCM and ASW requirements.  These include magnetic signature reduction systems and multi-influence ranges.  ECA Group’s unmanned systems are also prominent in the provision of Ship Husbandry fulfilling inspection and maintenance tasks.

With a global reputation for effective and reliable systems, and the provision of first class customer support, ECA Group enjoys a strong presence in the Naval Forces area.  By offering innovative solutions that meet today’s current challenges ECA Group is very well placed to capture the capability requirements of the future. 

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