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ECA Group is at the heart of the Land Forces area today playing a prominent role in the design and delivery of state of the art robotic systems. ECA Group ground and aerial robotic solutions provide a formidable capability to forces deployed worldwide in the most challenging of high threat environments.

Tethered Mini UAV for Radio Relaying
Tethered Mini UAV for Radio Relaying

ECA Group Tethered Mini UAV for Radio Relaying is a solution acting as a virtual mast to enhance radio communication...

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In the land Forces environment ECA Group plays a prominent role in the design and delivery of state of the art robotic solutions for defence and security missions. The main aim of ECA developments is to avoid exposing people involved in life-threatening activities such as Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD), conflicts and terrorist threats. ECA Group’s experienced and skilled personnel are actively engaged in this domain.

The pervasive use of explosives by insurgent and criminal organisations presents an evolving operational challenge to public safety and military personnel worldwide. ECA GROUP provides the explosive disposal community with integrated IEDD systems to defeat these threats.

ECA Group’s range of mobile unmanned ground and aerial vehicles are specifically designed for fast deployment in harsh and dangerous areas. They are an integral component of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) process. Providing Force Protection and situation awareness these unmanned vehicles perform vital reconnaissance, inspection and EOD missions. From search and location to defeating Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), landmines and other types of explosives, they put themselves in harm’s way to save life. These impressive robots are particularly useful for Military asset and convoy protection.

ECA Group’s concept of employing a single vehicle platform modified for carrying out a variety of duties has proved a “game changer”. Payloads are rapidly integrated and a return on investment is guaranteed on vehicle spares and associated operator training. Given this modularity ECA Group’s highly experienced team can offer a wide range of options and equip ground and aerial vehicles accordingly for specific missions such as EOD or NRBCE detection and analysis. Meeting the customer’s needs and supporting his aims is a fundamental aspect of ECA Group’s business.

If the dismounted Infantry soldier is the tip of the pear then ECA Group’s systems are the spear on today's battlefield. The provision of sensors coupled with ECA Group robotic systems is vital to providing Tactical reconnaissance and stand-off from threats. Small remotely controlled or semi-autonomously guided robots have the ability to conduct close reconnaissance and to investigate potential threats from safe distances. They also focus effort sustain the force and meet the enemy with increased knowledge of the threat outside engagement range.

A key element of the Land Forces domain is Mission simulation training. ECA Group offers advanced simulation through network enabled simulators for military and security scenario training. In addition to operator training ECA Group provides an important collective mission training facility used to prepare forces before deployment to theatre of operations.

Another area of advanced technological application is vehicle “Robotisation”. ECA Group is engaged in the field of adapting remote control systems in manned military vehicles. This is a particularly innovative solution to the problem of convoy safety in conflict zones.

ECA Group is at the heart of the Land Forces area. With its state of the art modular robotic systems ECA Group offers a formidable capability to forces deployed in the most challenging high threat environments worldwide.

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