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In the Homeland and Security area ECA Group provides innovative and resilient solutions to meet the challenges of the Homeland Security domain. Supporting customers world-wide both government agencies and private sector organisations, ECA Group operates at the cutting edge of robotic systems technology and provides a wide range of systems for the protection of critical infrastructures both at sea and on land.


the DTR 120Z Ex HD is a full HD night & day Ex colour TV camera with 30x zoom and swivelling head permitting, in a...


Discover the DTR 65 HRC Ex, an EX certified colour TV camera with hemispherical viewing and buit-in lights, for TV...

T18-M / Towed sonar
T18-M / Towed sonar

T18-M is a self-powered towed interferometric synthetic aperture sonar (SAS) for Real Time Detection, Classification...

VS 45 EX
VS 45 EX

Discover the VS45EX, a very compact explosion proof wide angle colour TV camera permitting, in vertical position, the...

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In the Homeland and Security area ECA Group provides a wide range of solutions for the protection of Critical Infrastructures both at sea and on land.

Drawing upon the expertise of its staff and using high technological applications, ECA Group is actively engaged in the protection of sovereign territory, domestic population and critical infrastructure against external threats and aggression.

ECA Group’s unmanned systems are actively part of that solution and perform critical mission functions from surveillance, recognition, alerting, to threat neutralisation. This mission driven solution is further enhanced and supported by a comprehensive training package.

For Harbour Surveillance, Harbour Response, Coastal Surveillance, Coastal Response, ECA Group can deploy an array of efficient and effective systems. These include AUVs, USVs, UGVs and UAVs that can be further complemented by ROVs for a combination of tasks. These include inspection of immersed structures, object recovery, underwater object identification, diver assistance, CBRN detection and EOD/IED tasks.

These robust and highly versatile systems are also employed for Offshore Protection and in particular for Platform and Hull inspections, deep and shallow water survey and wreck inspections. All ECA Group systems are supported by the appropriate Simulation applications.

In the area of Law Enforcement both at sea and ashore, ECA Group supports the Coast Guard, Border Control, Customs and Police Forces. Using advanced technology, ECA Group systems play a key role and act as a “Force Multiplier”. This is particularly evident in the field of event security and Border control and surveillance. ECA Group UAVs in particular can greatly improve coverage in remote border areas, have the ability to loiter and lessen the burden on human resources.

In search and rescue operations, ECA Group systems can provide that all important first response. This can be achieved through the employment of USVs and UAVs. Much like border surveillance, UAVs are of great benefit in remote areas which may pose a risk to rescuers. In addition, UAVs also have the capability to fly closer to the ground, and at slower speeds than some manned aircraft, which potentially leads to greater image resolution and ultimately increases detection success.

For Hazmat operations and operations in confined spaces, ECA Group offers rapid response systems for identification of CBRN materials. This is managed through the deployment of adaptable and expendable remotely operated systems. These provide CBRN detection whilst allowing stand-off and safety for the operator in high threat environments.

With the emergence of unmanned systems for fire fighting purposes, ECA group has been actively engaged in the introduction of fire surveillance and inspection systems. Using advance technology, these systems provide real time thermal imagery of the fire site and are used in areas of extreme temperatures. This technology can also be applied to ground, Aerial as well as surface unmanned vehicles using remotely operated fire extinguishers.

In today’s uncertain world ECA Group operates at the cutting edge of technology and provides innovative and resilient solutions to meet the demands of the Homeland Security business. Supporting customers world-wide, whether government agencies or private sector organisations both today and in the future, remains a fundamental part of ECA Group’s mission.

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