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World Creativity and Innovation Day

Wednesday, April 21 2021
Designated by the UN each year on the 21st April, World Creativity and Innovation Day is a chance to highlight how vital these values are to the development of our societies in all fields: economy, sustainable development, health, safety… and indeed missions aimed at supporting imagination, inventing solutions which extend outside of established boundaries and pushing back technological limits are what ECA GROUP is all about, since its creation 85 years ago.

The first patents concerned flight control surfaces for Aeropostale aircraft, and since then many others have been applied for to develop some of the most emblematic examples of French robotics solutions.

ECA GROUP’s PAP « fish », a self-propelled guided robot, proved to be a revolution in the 70’s, as the first underwater anti-mine robot. Its successor the K-STER C, designed to neutralise sea mines, offers a level of precision and efficiency never seen before. Our drone systems UMIS have redesigned the very concept of mine hunting by distancing humans from danger and enabling several drones to work on different tasks in parallel.

Some of the notable recent innovations include the development of UMISAS, the first sonar (Synthetic Aperture Sonar)  to be entirely developed by  ECA GROUP, the UMISOFT software suite making using a drone system intuitive and efficient, and Ulyx, the new autonomous underwater drone for Ifremer, capable of exploring ocean floors, on its own, to depths of 6000m.

Focused on science, research and development, our teams participate in numerous collaborative research projects in France and Europe, with a whole ecosystem of start-ups, VSEs, SMEs and large laboratories such as the CNRS.

Whether its driving simulators which bring you ever closer to real-life sensations, ground or air robots, aerospace equipment or even sounding balloons, opening up a whole new world of applications from the stratosphere, these new products all have something in common : a deep-seated commitment from each member of ECA GROUP to push back technological limits, look for new solutions to problems, and imagine new ways of thinking and doing things.

For  85 years we have been innovating in each of our chosen fields, and our commitment to innovation is here to stay.  

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